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Our Aveyond: The Lost Orb Walkthrough will be your constant companion as you travel once more into the exciting world of Aveyond. Weddings are stressful enough, but having your future husband stolen and becoming the heir of a mystical orb of death has added more trouble than Mel can take. Now she must fine the evil orb, destroy it, and recover her fiance before she can say “I do.” Our detailed walkthrough is full of the kinds of hints, tips, and customized screenshots you’ll need to set this story straight.
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Introduction |  Beginnings |  Darkthrop Keep  |  Find a Familiar |  Find a Giant Beanstalk Seed
Grow the Giant Beanstalk |  Obtain a Mermaid's Mirror |  Open the Locked Room |  Endings |  Secret Caves

Find a Familiar

Go back outside to meet June. Edward and Ulf are now there too! Ulf and Edward decide to join the party, against Mel's better judgment...June suggests going to the library to see if you can learn anything about familiars. As the party heads off to Peliad, Gyendal appears! Nox speaks to him, saying that he needs to come up with a better idea on how to get to Mel... Hrm... I wonder how Nox knows what's going on here...

Back in Peliad, go to the 3rd floor of the Library. June finds a book about familiars, and there is a village east of Peliad that is rumored to be run by animals. Perhaps you should check it out.  But before you can do so, Ulf finds something, but determines that he must write it down, and needs a quill to do so.

Leave the library and go to the Quill Shop. Click on one of the quills on the table to purchase it. No good, the shopowner reminds me of the saleslady in "Pretty Woman"... "Everything here is far too expensive for _you_..." How rude! How does he know how much gold I have?! Anyway, as you leave and walk back toward the library, a boy approaches Mel. He was in the quill shop too. He says his name is Spook and that he "obtained" a quill for you. What'd he do, steal it?! Doesn't matter, Mel needs the quill. Spook says that if you ever need any help with anything, you can find him in the tavern. So he steals _and_ he's a drunk? Sure he'll be a great help...

Go back to your party in the Library and give the quill to Ulf. He writes down some riddle that he thinks might be important.

Now you can make your way to Harakauna, the town that is supposedly run by animals...

Before you leave town, go back to the trader in the sewer and get the best armor and weapons for your whole party, since Edward and Ulf are pretty unprepared when they show up.

Leave Peliad from the forest area in the northeast of town. You'll go through Bristle Woods East. Just like in Bristle Woods West, you'll encounter slime snakes and pig warriors. Make sure to have a serpent amulet around your neck.

If you go north, you'll find the bridge to Tyobi is flooded and blocked off. It's a good thing we don't have to go that way! Continue east. Just past the second signpost the road is blocked again. Spook, the boy you met earlier, shows up and clears the path for you. He's kind of weird...but helpful at least. Keep going east, and cross the bridge to enter Blueleaf Forest.

Blueleaf Forest


Monsters here are wolfmen


and snapdragons


. They're a little tougher than the creatures in Bristle Woods. You should still be able to beat them, or you can try to outrun them until you upgrade your weapons and armor in Harakauna.

Follow the path north and then east. You'll see a road going east from the signpost, but don't worry about it right now.

Enter into Harakauna.



Talk to everyone, switch on the MME to the southwest of town, and donate at the statue in the center. In the Items shop, you'll find a spell scroll. Buy this for June. It's the Oodles o' Noodles spell; June needs it to complete her apprenticeship.

In the southeast area of the town, there's a mouse's house. The mouse, Willoby, is trying to grow mushrooms for his mushroom pie. There's a cookie competition coming up, and he wants to enter his pie in the competition...but there's too much light in the house and the mushrooms won't grow. He asks you to obtain some boards, a hammer, and nails to cover up the windows. You MUST complete this mini-quest to continue the main quest later, so don't forget to do this! Wood is easy to find—there's a lumberjack in the northeast corner of Blueleaf Forest. It will be a while before you find the hammer and nails...be patient!

In the house north of Willoby's is a chicken, Gretta. She tells you her husband is out foraging. Remember her for later.

Behind Gretta's house you'll find a squirrel who will give you a recipe. Behind the Inn you'll find Shaun. Shaun is a sheep who is also an equipment trader... goodness, those traders sure have found ways around the Eldrion laws!
Buy good equipment for your party—except Ulf. Don't waste your money...he's going to leave you soon.

Go up the two flights of stairs on the northwest side of town. You'll see a rusty chest; if you try to open it, it tells you that you need something to pry it open with. Remember it for later!

You'll see a girl who keeps changing into from a bird to a human and back again. Talk to her. Her name is Yvette, and she is a familiar! Hrm...don't we need a familiar? She says she'll join you if you play a game with her! Go down the ladder and catch at least 15 of the 20 eggs she drops. HINT: Use the keyboard to play the game; it's much easier than trying to use the mouse! After you've played the game and Yvette has joined your party, head back toward Blueleaf Forest. As you pass the Alchemist's shop, you notice that the apprentice has quit. The alchemist asks if you know anyone, and Ulf volunteers to stay in Harakauna and become the apprentice! See, told you not to buy him anything! Now it's just you, June, Edward, and Yvette...

Go back inside the alchemist's shop and ask about potion making. If you have enough money, buy equipment for Yvette from Shaun before you leave Harakauna. You can go back to Peliad either by foot or by MME. It might be a good time to do some fighting out in the Blueleaf Forest. Also, pick up Catspaw, Skunk Leaf, and Blueleaf Sap when you can. There's some good stuff hidden in chests and some pretty hefty money bags around this forest too, including an empty bottle, which you will need later in the game!

Once you make it back to the cave, Yvette will instantly recognize the symbol on the floor as a sound lock. She will start to sing, and a door will open in the back wall. After thanking her, Mel tells Yvette she can go home, but Yvette has decided to stay with the party.

Stonetooth Cave System

Throughout the game, you'll gain more and more access to areas of the Stonetooth Cave system. Here's a map in case you get lost—which is easy to do, trust me!


As you head into the cave, you'll get to what seems like a dead end. But there's a dead tree that is right in front of a cliff. Hrmmm... Oh! Find a giant beanstalk seed and plant it where the dead stump is...then you can climb up the wall! The Giant beanstalks grow in the Granite Mountains. But, the bridge to that area was broken earlier, so you'll have to go see if it's been fixed yet.

Introduction |  Beginnings |  Darkthrop Keep  |  Find a Familiar |  Find a Giant Beanstalk Seed
Grow the Giant Beanstalk |  Obtain a Mermaid's Mirror |  Open the Locked Room |  Endings |  Secret Caves

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