Aveyond: Lord of Twilight Walkthrough & Cheats

Allow our Aveyond: Lord of Twilight Walkthrough to accompany you through this first installment in the Orbs of Magic series. . Follow Mel, an intrepid thief, as she fights to defeat the evil vampire that is on the cusp of conquering the entire world. Use our detailed hints, tips, and customized screenshots either to help you out of a tight spot or as a constant source of advice as you explore and quest through the vibrant world of Aveyond
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General Tips

Getting Started

Main Game Walkthrough: Quests

Side Quests Walkthrough

Magical Mirror Express (MME), Warp Eggs, and Goodies

Cool Checklist To Track Your Progress




Items and Weapons


QUESTS: See map screenshots for locations. Maps used by permission by Aramanth and Shaz annotations by Tiniponi. B=Bag and C=Chest, Star/Asterisk=Goodie Cave

Optional Quests and Steps are typed in blue.

The walkthrough gives a few suggestions for defeating enemies. The variables included in the game such as game difficulty level selected, character experience levels, items found or purchased, how you have your characters equipped and your individual strategy towards fighting enemies would have made this walkthrough too lengthy (if it isn't already)...plus that's a key element of enjoying this game. ENJOY !




HARBURG: See Harburg map.

Finding and Returning the Orb :

  • After the tutorial you're automatically transported to Boden's office in Harburg. Boden gives you a quest to meet a client at Clockwork Mansion in Northern Harburg on the balcony for 100 gold coins. You'll receive 90 coins after Boden takes his cut.
  • A quest has been recorded in your journal. You can view your journal (white tablet) from the menu bar during the game. You can not access the journal during fights. The journal lists the quests you're working on.
  • Exit Boden's office.
  • Go left of Boden's office and to the North.
  • The game doesn't allow you to do much exploring now. Follow the arrows if you have the tutorial on; if not Clockwork Mansion is in the upper Northwest district of the city.
  • Enter Clockwork Mansion . (aveyondlord_clockworkmansion_01.jpg" include_dir="aveyond3" />
  • Go down the hallway to the door at the end.
  • Go down the second hallway to the door at the end. If you'd like you can select the bookcases in the room to read the titles of the books.
  • You are now on the second floor of Clockwork Mansion . Enter the balcony by selecting either dark chasm to the left or right at the bottom of the room.


  • Select the character wearing the red cloak on the balcony to receive more information regarding your quest and 100 gold coins.
  • Retrace your path through Clockwork Mansion to exit the Mansion and head northeast of the city to the forest to Darkthrop Keep. (exploration of the city is still unavailable) If you never played this type of game before, it might be a good idea to view the map as you travel, even if you have the tutorial on.
  • Each location in the game is like a labyrinth or maze of such that you have to maneuver Mel through to accomplish certain tasks; to collect bags (for gold coins) and treasure chests (for various items) to complete the quests.

Darkthrop Keep: See Darkthrop Keep Puzzle Rooms Map

2 Bags and 7 Chests (one chest is unavailable until much later in the game):

Enemies: Rats and Moths

·         You can try to enter through the front door...oh', it's locked!

·         There's a sewer entrance to the left of the tower...try that.


·         Remove the sewer grate and enter Darkthrop Keep through the sewer.

·         Fight with a rat.

·         Search the corpse...pick up the cheese.

·         Go to the right and flip the switch on the wall to the down position to lower the spikes in front of the doorway at the bottom of the screen.


·         Before going down to the doorway go up the hallway, fight some moths, search their corpses and collect the chest contents.

·         Now go down the stairs and through the doorway.

·         Explore the rest of the sewer for bags of gold and chest contents while fighting monsters.

·         There are 6 chests (one chest is unavailable at this time) and 2 bags to locate. You will not be able to access all the rooms at this time.


·         Fight the rats and moths and loot their corpses as you explore. The monsters in this area are easy to fight; so it's best to fight as many as you see to gain experience in order to level up.

·         When you come across two more switches pull the levers down. One switch lowers the spikes above the boulder and the other switch will open the door leading to the Orb.

·         Read the note on the wall to find out what the stars on the floor are. (emergency exits).

·         When you see a boulder at the bottom of the stairs, go to the top of the stairs and push the boulder down.

·         Then push the boulder to the left onto the large floor tile in the alcove. Should you make a mistake, exit the sewer, the boulder and switches will reset and you can try again. You can exit the sewer through one of the emergency exits/stars on the floor.


·         One of the chests contains leather boots. You can equip Mel with the leather boots if you'd like to increase Mel's Physical Defense. (Character Menu-select equip-select Mel-select Accessories-select leather boots-exit menu by right clicking twice) The second switch is by the chest with the leather boots.

·         One of the chests contains a copper dagger. You can equip Mel with the copper dagger to increase her Weapon Power. I strongly suggest you equip Mel w/the dagger to get an idea of the increased power of the weapon.

·         Reminder, you will not be able to open one of the chests behind the bars until much later in the game.

·         Locate the orb in the southeast corner and collect it, then use an emergency exit or go through the sewers again to gain more experience and exit.

·         Retrace your steps to Clockwork Mansion northwest of the city.

Presenting the Orb to Client:

  • Return to the balcony on the second floor and present the orb to your client cloaked in red.
  • Part of the story will be revealed and Te'ijal will accompany you as you exit Harburg and through Shadow Woods North. The game still doesn't allow exploration in the city.
  • Exit Harburg by using the exit northeast of Clockwork Mansion .


SHADOW WOODS NORTH (Level goodie cave available-left of middle set of stairs on east side):

See Shadow Woods North map.

1 Bag and 6 Chests

  • Explore the woods with Te'ijal (who is quite powerful) locating 1 bag and 6 chests while you're fighting monsters on your way to the city of Thais . To locate some of the chests you'll need to explore areas that have no path. You should also equip Mel with the copper dagger and the leather boots before engaging in any fights if you haven't already done so.
  • Replenish Mel's health points if needed w/ food items.
  • When you enter a fight you'll need to assign Mel and Te'ijal actions.
  • Upgrade Mel's armor when you receive the Traveling Clothes.
  • Should you come across a pile of dirt...ignore it...you have no shovel and Mel won't use her hands.
  • Right before you enter the Thial Mountains South (or exit Shadow Woods North), vampires will be blocking the entrance. Te'ijal will give you a letter and another gift. She'll then leave to distract the vampires. She will also restore your health. You will now enter the mountains alone and have no one in your party for a while.
  • Better save your game if you haven't done so.


Thial Mountains South (Weapons goodie cave available-slightly northwest after entrance from Shadow Woods North):

See Thial Mountains South map.

3 Bags and 3 Chests

  • Explore the Mountains while locating 3 bags and 3 chests. Two of the bags are only available by going through caves. Use the map as a guide to travel west through the mountains and through the caves into Brighwood Forest before entering the city of Thias . Fight with as many monsters as you can to up your level.




  • To reach exit number 4 on the map, enter cave door number 1. The exits to locate 2 of the bags is also in the cave number exit when looking at the map.
  • After you've explored the Thial Mountains , and exit the furthermost southwest (#5 exit on map) cave exit, you'll enter a clearing into Brightwood Forest . You can attempt to explore Brightwood Forest at this time; however there isn't anything available and you wont' get very far. ( See Brightwood Forest Map)
  • You're very close to your next city destination of Thais after you enter Brightwood Forest ; follow the path to the east and then go north. You'll run into a road sign at a crossroads. Follow the signs instructions and go northeast into Thais.


First Visit to Thais: See Thais map.


·         There is quite a bit to do here in Thais. You can explore now or later; just make sure you explore and speak with everyone as some of the characters will give you clues needed to complete the game.

·         Read all the bookcases you see for 2 reasons: 1- they are quite whimsical and 2-you'll need some of the information for a quest much later in the game and into Gates of Night due to be released July or August 2009.

·         The game instructs you to visit the Inn to replenish; you don't need to rest at the Inn at this time. You'll have an opportunity to rest a little later.

·         Speak w/ Rita at the Thais Newspaper north of the entrance to receive the Juicy News quest that will be completed near the end of the game.

·         Speak w/characters to obtain information about Stormbend and Red Rock Pass.

·         Per the request from Te'ijal, Mel needs to locate the School of War and Magic and give the note to Ulaf.

·         Optional/Side Quests:

1.        Donate to the Goddess (increases luck-better chance at defeating monsters and more loot) or steal (decreases luck): Donate or steal 10 gold coins from the Goddess Havarti in the northeast in the Castle Gardens .

2.        You might want to Active the Magic Mirror Express (MME) a building with a wrought iron sign of a horse in front (teleport that can be used later, but needs to be activated at this location).

Enroll in School:

·         The School of War and Magic is in the very southeast corner of Thais; when you first enter the school, Ulaf the Headmaster is in the room in front of you. Go speak to him.

·         After speaking to Ulaf, a student named Edward (who will be a key character in the game) will lead you to Professor Gray, who will agree to enroll you into the school for training if you can complete a quest. Read the bookcase in Professor Gray's office for a clue about your training.

·         You may want to explore the School, talk with everyone you can and read the bookcases before leaving. To exit the School from Professor Gray's office, follow the narrow hallway that doesn't lead anywhere, go down the stairs, and keep going down through the hallways of the dorm rooms into another narrow hallway. When you reach the end of the second hallway, there will be some classrooms above you, take the narrow hallway down to the entrance/exit of the School.

Harpsbren Manor Statuette in Thais:

·         After your nap in the woods (health will be replenished), locate Harpsbren Manor to the northeast section of Thais in the Noble District.

·         Attempt to enter the Manor via the front door...it's locked.

·         Edward magically appears and advises Mel on how to enter the Manor. Edward asks Mel if she would like him to assist her. Strong-willed Mel declines Edwards offer.

·         Have Mel enter the house via the window that Edward magically opened. Exit the room and walk up through the doorway at the end of the hall. Look for a switch along the wall. Pull the lever down and enter the second room on Mel's right. Hmm...that didn't work. What to do now?

·         Pull the switch lever down again...maybe it will work this time. No go...but Edward appears again. Follow Edward's advice this time.


·         Enter the second room on Mel's right. The statuette will be to the left on a table right after Mel enters the doorway.

·         Retrace your steps to exit the Manor, by going through the window on the first floor.

·         After Edward leaves, return to the School in the southeast corner of the city and present the trophy to Professor Gray. Take the hallway on the right as you enter the School...go left to a second long hallway...through the door on the right...up the stairs...through a couple of short hallways with no alternative exits...into Professor Grays office on the upper right side.

·         Hmm...what is Mel training to be? Yps A. (You'll have to read that backwards). Retrace your steps and exit the School.

·         Per Professor Gray's advice find an apartment in the Lamplight District on the southwest side of Thais.

Apartment Rental in Thais:

·         The Rental Agency is in the southwest corner of Thais and is open 24/7.


·         Enter the Agency and speak to Remraldt to rent an apartment in the Whispering Pines housing complex. After Mel receives the key to Apartment 2 - B, locate the apartment slightly northeast of the rental agency. Apartment 2 - B should be the first apartment to Mel's right as she enters the complex.


·         Have Mel get some rest in her bed. Mel can return to her apartment as often as you'd like to replenish her and all party members' health.

·         As Mel dreams...the game reveals more information about Mel's character and transports you to the Underworld in the city of Ghed'ahre .

Locate Galahad in Ghed'ahre: See Ghed'ahre map.

  • Mel is still dreaming and attending School; you now play the character of Te'ijal while in the city of Ghed'ahre .
  • Te'ijal is searching for her husband, Galahad.
  • You can explore the city now if you prefer, there is no donation box, nor is there a MME (magical mirror express). There isn't much to do at this time except to receive the answer as to why you should read all the book titles in the bookcases (besides the entertainment value). See the optional quest below. You'll not be able to return to Ghed'ahre after finding Galahad in Wyrm Forest until later in the game.
  • Recommend exploring Wyrm Forest later.
  • Optional Quest: You need to do a portion of this quest now or wait until later in the game. After you find Galahad you won't visit Ghed'ahre until later in the game.
  • Casino Game: Visit the Casino in the southwest area of the city. Speak with Marcello.


  • After speaking with Marcello in the Casino, you can play a game for 100,000 gold. In the game he'll ask you 10 questions...get them all correct and you'll receive a legendary item. Get only one question incorrect...he'll take all your gold. That's a high price to pay for a game (which I'm sure you don't have now)...but a legendary weapon, now that could be helpful! But what questions are in the game and how do you get the answers?
  • Exit the Casino and speak with Emily who is just outside the Casino. She'll advise that Marcello gets all his questions from Barnaby's Book of Misquotations. As you play the game and read the bookcases, write down or remember the questions and answers from all titles from Barnaby's Book of Misquotations.
  • Travel east and out of the City of Ghed'ahre and into Wyrm Forest until you see a blond-headed knight fighting with skeletons. They are located slightly west as you come to the first crossroads in the forest. You can choose to explore Wyrm Forest now...I recommend you explore the forest later when Mel is stronger.
  • You might want to save the game before entering the forest.
  • Speak with the blond-headed knight, Galahad.
  • Fight the skeletons. The skeletons w/the blue head scarves are easier to defeat. Te'ijal has a drain skill that will take the selected enemies health points to fill up her own...so use it after she has lost some health points. If you prefer Te'ijal to use the drain skill, select skill when it's her turn to fight.
  • When the fight is over, you learn Te'ijal has a soft spot for humans...thus giving Galahad an offer he can't refuse. Galahad agrees to assist Te'ijal if foiling her brother's plans to rid the overworld of light.
  • Remember to remove Galahad's cursed armor the next time he is in your party.
  • You are now automatically transported back to Thais in Mel's apartment.


Spy Quest in Thais: See Thais map.

  • Return to Professor Gray's office at the School to receive the next quest along with a note for Lia and a ticket to the King's Ball.
  • Exit Professor Gray's office and the School.
  • Speak to Lia at the Needle and Thread in the Shopping District on the Middle West side of the city to have a ball gown delivered to your apartment. The Needle and Thread is between the Weapons and Armor store. See map of Thais above or at the end of the walkthrough.


  • Return to Mel's apartment (2-B), slightly southwest of the stores. Have Mel take the gown and she will put it on; no need to equip.
  • After night falls, travel to the north central portion of Thais (now is a good time to make a donation to the Goddess Statue in the Castle gardens should you opt to do so) and enter the Castle by speaking to the Steward at the front door.
  • As you enter the Castle, you may want to view the Excalibur Sword in the foyer. You can speak with many of the ball guests as you want...but you need to find a spy.
  • Find the Master Bedroom of the Castle. Take the first hallway to the right all the way to end...enter the door...enter the middle doorway and enter the King's study at the end of the hallway on the right.
  • More of the story will told as you speak to Edward in the King's Study. Mel and Edward will walk onto the Balcony where there is some privacy. They will observe a comet fall near some ruins west of the city. They decide to explore the ruins...but that has to wait. Mel needs to find the spy.
  • Exit the King's Study and enter the Queen's study on the left side of the King and Queen's bedroom...you found the spy.
  • Reveal the spy's identity by visiting Professor Gray at the School.
  • Return to Mel's apartment to sleep.


Preparing for Ruin Investigation

  • Mel will be awakened by Edward the next morning. Edward is now part of your party.
  • Before Mel and Edward embark on their journey to the ruins, you may want to visit some shops and upgrade some weapons, or armor or purchase some food supplies and items... along with saving your game. Equip your characters accordingly.
  • Exit the city by traveling under the archway on the mid-west of the city.


  • Mel can return to her apartment anytime to restore her and all party members' health points.


Brightwood Forest-Ruin Investigation (Gold goodie cave available):

See Brightwood Forest Map

3 Bags and 3 Chests

Moo Hatchery (MME available) and Chateau Lenore: See Moo Hatchery map

  • Explore Brightwood Forest while fighting enemies and locating 3 bags and 3 chests before investigating the ruins. Edward is a member of your party and will assist in fighting.
  • Should you choose to enter the Goodie Cave , you can take all the gold now (600,000 gold) or leave some and return later. Why you ask? There might be an incident in which a character takes all your gold either in this game or in Gates of Night. The Goodie Cave is slightly left of the middle (small) waterfall in the mid-central portion of the forest. There is a tree stump on the opposite side of the river. See asterisk on Brightwood Forest map.
  • The Gheledon and Stormbend areas are unavailable at this time.


  • Optional Goals: There are 2 optional goals that can be started at this time, however it's best to start them before exploring the ruins while Edward is a member of your party.
    1. Moo Hatchery (central south of the Forest ): You can hatch eggs that you find throughout the game at Moo Hatchery. Once you use an egg without hatching, that type of egg is no longer available. You can also purchase special eggs from Professor Moo. There are 3 eggs to locate in the game. Finding one of the eggs is critical in order to complete the game.

·         Speak w//Professor Moo to receive more information regarding the Hatchery.

·         Activate the Magic Mirror Express that is on the west side of the Hatchery by flipping the switch down.


    1. Chateau Lenore (very southwest side of forest): When you speak w/the Owner of the Castle he'll request that you make a wine delivery in exchange for some gold. There are 4 deliveries you can make throughout the game: 1) Lord Rupert in Thais for 10 coins. 2) Petra in Gheledon for 100 coins. 3) Fritz in Harburg for 200 coins 4) Drew in Stormbend for 400 coins. This is a good way to obtain additional gold. After you make your first delivery, it's best to return to the Chateau to receive your next delivery quest so when you reach the destination of the next delivery, you'll already have the wine for delivery.

Ruin Investigation: See Ruins map

1 Bag and 2 Chests plus "something worth discovering"

  • Locate the Ruins on the very west side of the Forest and awaken the sleeping girl above the tree line on the right side. See ruins map.
  • Edward and the sleeping girl will travel to Thais to visit a healer for the girl
  • Let Mel explore the ruins to locate 1 bag and 2 chests.


  • Mel should also find "something worth discovering" (a shiny ring) located near the pillar at the bottom of the bottom temple. Mel can not pick up the ring until the sleeping girl has been found.

Return to Thais after Ruin investigation: See Thais map.

  • If you're working on the optional quests, it's best to deliver the wine to Lord Rupert at this time. The Rupert house is in the Noble District adjacent to the cemetery.
  • Return to the Chateau to receive your next wine delivery now or a little latter.
  • If Mel is low on health points, have Mel sleep in her bed before going to the temple.
  • Locate the Temple to the right of the Weapons and Armor shops. Enter to speak with the girl (Stella) to return the ring. While exiting the temple the game transfers to the front of the Church in Ghed'ahre.


Te'ijal and Galahad Spy on Gyendal in Ghed'ahre: See map of Ghed'ahre.

  • The game automatically transfers to Te'ijal and Galahad in the front of the church in Ghed'ahre. You now control Te'ijal.
  • Enter the church and spy on Gyendal (Te'ijal's brother)l. Gyendal is speaking to the vampires at the front of the church. You'll learn the importance of the Orb of Darkness, the existence of the Orb of Light and the importance Mel plays in Gyendal's plans. Te'ijal and Galahad decide to warn Mel in Thais.
  • Visit the portal guarded by a skeleton in Wyrm Forest to the south-east of Ghed'ahre. There is 1 chest in Wyrm Forest


  • Prepare your party members for fighting by feeding them or letting them sleep at the Inn . Remember to remove Galahad's cursed weapon.
  • After speaking with the Skeleton Guard in Wyrm Forest , you discover you need a password. NOTE: To travel to Thais from Ghed'ahre, you have to go through a portal in Wyrm Forest . Once you travel through the portal to Thais from Ghed'ahre, you will not be returning to Ghed'ahre...so complete all optional quests and purchase items you want before reaching Thais.
  • Return to Ghed'ahre.



Obtaining the Portal Password:

  • Now is the best time to explore Ghed'ahre and speak w/ all the characters and read all the bookcases.
  • Speak w/ Beatrice in the central portion of Ghed'ahre. Beatrice will state Vivian knows the password.
  • Travel slightly southwest and speak w/ Vivian. She wants a designer coffin in exchange for the password.
  • Travel to the Coffin Shop on the second floor of the Inn ; located in the southeast. While you're here, you may want to restore Te'ijal's and Glahad's health points by sleeping at the Inn .
  • Purchase a designer coffin. The coffins have different prices from 30-90 gold coins. Vivian doesn't care how much it costs; she just wants a designer coffin.
  • Return to Vivian to give her the coffin and to receive the password to the portal. The passwords are random and can change should you choose to replay the game. (Password Options: Bat, Ghost, Skeleton, Slime and Werewolf.)
  • Return to the Skeleton Guard in Wyrm Forest to go through the portal. You will not be returning to Ghed'ahre during this game after you enter the portal in Wyrm Forest . Give him the password: Select the correct letter, to erase a letter right click, when all the letters are correct, select submit.
  • ** The enemies in Eastern Wyrm forest are fierce, but leave substantial amounts of gold coins (up to 112). Sometimes it's less expensive to replenish your party member's health points by sleeping at the Inn than to give them food or blood. You can return to Wyrm Forest after replenishing their health points** Remember to use Te'ijal's drain skill (if her health isn't full) also.**
  • Three Optional Quests:
    1. Dead Man Walking Casino Game: If you happen to have $100,000 and the 10 answers to the game from Barnaby's Book of Misquotations, you can play the Casino game to receive the legendary item. This game is meant to be played in the sequel Gates of Night.

Speak with the green-haired card dealer, Marcello to receive an explanation of the game. In the game he'll ask you 10 questions...get them all correct and you'll receive a legendary item (thor sword, can also be obtained in the weapons goodie cave). Get one question incorrect, he'll take all your money.

    1. Gladamere's Soul (in Casino):
      • Speak w/the blue haired dealer, Gladamere. He'll state he lost his soul to the bar owner from a bet.
      • Then speak with the bartender/owner Gabriel, who refuses to sell Gladamere's soul.
      • Go speak to Bartholomew (purple hair playing the slots) who agrees to distract Gabriel for 40 gold coins by pretending to win the slots.
      • Gabriel will run to Bartholomew...grab the crystal orb behind the bar (Gabriel's soul) while the bartender is away from the bar.
      • Give the crystal orb to Gladamere and he will reward you with a Lucky Charm.
    2. Junk Mail: After purchasing the designer coffin for Vivian, speak with the Herb (coffin salesman) again. He'll put you on the mailing list and Mel will receive junk mail in her Apartment mailbox in Thais periodically. Check the mailbox for junk mail periodically as it's quite amuzing.


Mel's, Te'ijal's and Galahad's Plans:

  • Immediately after Te'ijal and Galahad enter the portal in Wyrm Forest , the game transfers to Mel exiting the Temple .
  • Have Mel travel to her apartment. Along the way to her apartment, Mel will encounter some vampires in the shopping district. Mel douses them with the Holy Water from her backpack...phew that was close...the vampire's turn to ash and Mel is safe. Mel is now aware Gyendal knows of her location. She must leave Thais.
  • Continue to travel to Mel's apartment.
  • Upon arriving at her apartment, Mel is greeted by Te'ijal and Galahad where they make plans. Te'ijal gives Mel the world map (view any time from the items menu) and requests some sun screen (you'll get that later in the game).


  • Mel is about to go to sleep when Stella knocks at the door. They agree to meet outside the city in the morning.
  • Have Mel get some sleep.
  • When Mel wakes up, have Mel meet Stella outside the City Entrance. Edward will arrive and insists on joining Mel and Stella. They decide there are a few things they need to do in Thais before leaving.
  • Edward and Stella a now members of the party.


Preparing to Leave Thais:

  • Travel to the Castle north of the city to speak w/ Edwards Father, the King. The King will be on the throne at the top of the stairs behind the foyer.
  • The King and Queen give Edward their blessing to travel. The King gives Edward the Excalibur Sword. There will be 2 gems to locate in your travels to increase/change the sword's power. One of the gems can be altered, ultimately giving the sword 3 changes. (**Make a donation at the statue if you haven't done so already**).
  • Travel to the School and speak w/ Professor Gray who advises Mel to visit any Intelligence Agencies she comes across in her travels to continue her training. Each agency offers instruction on a different skill and can be distinguished from other buildings by having a sign of a tree.
  • Purchase any weapons, armor, items and/or magic items before leaving.
  • Equip all members of your party and of course...save your game.
  • Activate the MME at Moo Hatchery if you haven't already.
  • As the group leaves Thais, they discover Stella has magical powers. Stella can cast magic spells and will learn/remember additional spells a you travel.

Optional Quests: (if you're making the wine deliveries for Chateau Lenore, now is a good time to pick up wine for your next delivery if you haven't already done so)

Tad's Dog:

·         Speak w/ the Tad (little boy) close to the City's entrance. He's lost his dog Rowf and needs assistance in locating the Rowf.


·         Rowf is located in the southern portion of Brightwood Forest , slightly northeast of Moo Hatchery.

·         Defeat the wolves surrounding Rowf and like many dogs will...Rowf will return to Tad. You can receive your reward of 10 coins when you speak w/ Tad...but first...see next optional goal.

Willette's Milk Pail:

·         Travel to Moo Hatchery in the south central portion of Brightwood Forest .

·         Speak w/ Willette standing by the building near the bottom of the hatchery. She'll state she left her milk pail in Thais and she lives in Apt. 2 - C.

·         Travel to Thais and enter the apartment 2 - C to the left of Mel's apartment.

·         Pick up the milk pail to the right of the door and deliver it to Willette at Moo Hatchery (now or later) in exchange for some milk.



  • According to the World Map, Te'ijal marked Naylith as being located northeast of Thais Kingdom .
  • Travel west until you reach the road sign, then take the path going northwest through Brightwood Forest, stay on the path through snowy Istir Forest (very limited exploration at this time-can travel to ice pond) into the Northern Thial Mountains into Gheledon (cave town inside the Thial Mountains North) before reaching Naylith.


Thial Mountains North (Armor goodie cave available-very shortly after entering Istir Forest , the first left turn along the flat wall): See Thial Mountain North Maps.


5 Bags and 5 Chests

  • Explore the Thial Mountains North for 5 bags and 5 chests (one bag with be in the mountains after you pass through Gheledon) while fighting enemies.

Gheledon: See Gheledon Map

3 Bags

  • Replenish your party member's health by sleeping at the Inn if needed.
  • Collect the bag of gold that is at the Inn and one that is a little northwest of the Inn inside an open doorway as you enter Gheledon.


  • Travel to the Intelligence Agency located northwest of the city.
  • After you enter the Agency, travel to the back room at the back of the agency (basement) and go through the doorway. Speak to Mila who is in the back room. Mila will teach you the skill of climbing after you pass a test. You need the skill of climbing to reach the mines.

Intelligence Agency Matching Test: This is a random test as the items and pairs change from game to game.

    1. There are 8 rooms behind the room where Mila is located.
    2. There are various items on tables and crates in each room.
    3. There are 8 matching pairs of items throughout the 8 rooms.
    4. Your job...collect 5 matching pairs of items (collect one pair at a time) and give them to Mila to set on the tables in the room where she is located.
    5. Many of the items are very similar. When you pick up an item, there is a description of that item. When both of the descriptions match exactly, you have a pair. Hints: You can print screens of the items in each room to find the matching pairs easier...OR... I personally preferred typing the descriptions then used the "find text" in my document program (mine is under the edit tab) because the descriptions are what have to match exactly.
  • Travel towards the Gheledon City exit to the south, before exiting... enter the building on the left to collect a bag of gold.


Optional Quests:

  • Deliver wine from Chateau Lenore to Petra in the northwest of the city.
  • Speak to Mork, who is in a house behind Petra . Mork will request that you find his pick axe that he dropped at the bottom of the mine. There are several pick axes located around the city. None of these are Mork's. It's best to find his pick axe until your party members are stronger and/or there are more members in your group before exploring the Dwarvian Mines.
  • Activate the MME located in the middle of the city by pulling the switch lever down.
  • Make a donation or steal money from the Goddess Statue in the central south of the city.
  • Exit the City of Gheledon and collect one more bag as you explore more of the Thial Mountains North.
  • Upon arrival at Naylith Summit, Edward and Mel have an argument. Edward leaves the group.
  • Stella notices a crack in the wall.
  • Retrace your steps back to Gheledon and purchase the dynamite at the Junk store in the central south of the city by the Goddess Statue. Unfortunately, you can not purchase the dynamite until after you have reached the summit and noticed the crack.
  • Edward finds Mel at the junk store and rejoins the group.
  • Purchase any other items wanted or needed at this time (Gheledon has some of the best weapons in the game.)
  • Retrace your travels to Naylith Summit.


Naylith Summit

  • Use the dynamite on the crack in the summit wall.
  • Enter the summit entrance; Stella will find a journal and read the journal. The journal states 4 quarter keys are needed to reach Naylith.
  • Edward finds a map on the wall indicating the key locations. Edward marks the World Map of the 4 quarter key locations.
  • Stella notices markings on the wall resembling a bird w/ places for the 4 quarter keys (presumably).
  • The group decides they need additional help to reach Naylith. They decide Edward should meet Te'ijal. They agree to travel to Harburg to meet Te'ijal.
  • Collect the green bottle of sunscreen on the left of the scene and open the chest on the right of the scene to receive a white robe.
  • Equip Stella w/ the white robe unless she is equipped w/ The Cloak of Death from a Goodie cave.


Edward Meets Te'ijal and Galahad:

  • Travel back through Gheledon...through the North Thial Mountains ...through Istir Forest (no exploration available)...through Brightwood Forest towards Thais...
  • Optional Quests:
  • Receive payment from the wine delivery for Petra and receive the next delivery for Fritz in Harburg for 200 gold coins; while you're in Brightwood Forest .
  • There are 2 ways to reach Harburg from Thais: (the walkthrough uses the old-fashioned method of walking)
    • Use the MME (Magic Mirror Express-both locations have to be activated)
    • Have your party travel by foot (through the Southern Thial Mountains and Shadow Woods North)
  • Shortly after entering the Southern Thial Mountains, the game cuts to Te'ijal and Galahad researching the Orbs in Darkthrop Keep. Te'ijal is seized and captured by her evil brother, Gyendal. Gyendal allows Galahad to be free. Galahad does some soul searching at the local tavern and decides he must rescue his wife, Te'ijal after he obtains some help. The game cuts back to the party w/Mel in the South Thial Mountains .
  • Continue traveling through the Southern Thial Mountains, into Shadow Woods South.
  • Upon entering Shadow Woods North; Mel's party meets Galahad.
  • Travel to Darthrop Keep in Harburg. See Harburg and Darthrop Keep Maps.


Te'ijal and Galahad join the party:

Darthrop Keep:

  • When arriving at Darthrop Keep, Galahad will be a member of the party; vampires will confront your party immediately and need to be defeated...Galahad defeats the vampires shortly in an unusual manner for the game. Should any of your party member's fall, you can use a Cassia Leaf to revive them now or later and then replenish their health points at the Inn .
  • Enter the front door of Darthrop Keep and travel up the stairs and through the first doorway, pull the lever down on the switch (for later in the game). Exit the room.
  • Walk to the second doorway...through the study...through the doorway on the right...up the tower stairs and into the tower.
  • Te'ijal is at the top of the tower. Galahad frees Te'ijal from the rope bondage. Edward gives the sunscreen to Te'ijal and Galahad (found in Naylith Summit Cave )...as it is now daylight and vampires...well, they can't tolerate daylight.
  • Return to the study and speak w/ Te'ijal and Galahad.
  • The game cuts to the entrance of Harburg, where Te'ijal also joins your party to assist in searching for the quarter keys. There are now 5 party members and only 4 members can be active during fights/battles and one of those members is always Mel; so there are 3 other members you can choose to engage in fights/battles with Mel. (Open the character menu and select Battle to assign the members you want to use in fights (active members). If you have four members assigned to fighting and you want to change the members fighting; inactivate the member you don't want to fight first; then activate the member you do want to fight.
  • You can change the members during the course of the game, except while engaging in battles.
  • Re-enter Harburg.



  • Yep, I know...the journal quest is to find a quarter key in Istir Forest in Quin Kingdom . Better explore Harburg first.
  • Have your party members replenish their health points at the Inn located in the southern portion of the city.
  • Purchase any equipment and/or supplies needed (serpent amulets will be useful later; but can be purchased elsewhere).
  • Explore Harburg as there are 3 bags and 3 chests (one is slightly outside the city walls; the other 2 are in people's homes) to locate in Harburg. You will still be unable to reach the brown chest in the Darkthrop Keep Sewers.
  • One of the characters that you may encounter will steal some gold coins every time you speak w/them...they even warn you to "watch your pockets; Harburg is infested w/ thieves".
  • You can choose to explore Shadow Woods South now or later (recommend later as there are some vicious monsters there).

Optional Quests:

·         Deliver a case of wine (if in your possession) to Fritz slightly northwest of the inn. Return to the Chateau to pick up the fourth and final delivery after you have completed the quests in Harburg.

·         Activate the Magical Mirror Express by pulling the lever down.

·         Gunthrop Family Item: Speak w/ Ralph outside of the Magic and Items Stores in the southeast portion of Harburg. He will ask you to search the Gunthrop Crypt for family items. (Best to complete when stronger-the Crypt is located in Shadow Woods South)

·         Burnaby and Hanna (this quest is rather lengthy and involves some traveling; can complete as you travel by foot and/or using the MME):

1.        Speak w/ Boden in his home in the north of Harburg. He's cold and would like a fire in his fireplace.

2.        Exit the house and travel through the yard on the right side to the back of yard.

3.        Enter the out building and pick up a pile of wood.


4.        Place the wood in the fireplace.

5.        Pick up the flint that is sparkling on the top shelf of the pantry to the right.


6.        Place the flint onto the wood to start a fire. (may have to select the fireplace a second time to start fire)

7.        Speak w/Burnaby again and he'll state he's hungry and needs some cheese, milk and bread.

8.        Give Burnaby the requested food from your backpack items or by purchasing them from the Items Store.

9.        After Burnaby receives the food, he'll give you a broach and reveal the story of his lost love, Hanna. (The quest appears to end here as there is no journal entry; however there is more to the quest.)

10.     Speak w/ Beulau located in a house south of the MME. She'll reveal she has an aunt named Hanna living in Thais.

11.     Either through your journey or by using the MME; locate Hanna in south Thais near the Inn .

12.     Hanna will give Edward a letter to give to Burnaby .

13.     Travel back to Harburg and give Burnaby the letter from Hanna. Burnaby will give you a letter.

14.     Travel back to Thais and give Hanna the letter from Burnaby .

15.     Hanna will travel to Harburg to be reunited w/ Burnaby .

16.     Receive a level egg from Hanna and Burnaby when you speak to them in Harburg.

Mork's Pickaxe: See Dwarvian Mines Map

·         Travel to Gheledon via foot or MME and enter the mines now that you have 4 party members who can engage in fights.

·         To enter the mines, enter the open doorway northwest of the Inn and repel down the rope on the bottom right of the scene. There are 6 Bags and 4 chests to locate in the mines. See Dwarf Mines Map

·         After you locate the pickaxe speak with Mork in the northeast of Gheledon; return the pickaxe to Mork in exchange for the Topaz gem for the Excalibur Hilt.


Where to go...Where to go...Where to go?

  • According to the World Map one of the keys is located in the snowy northwest region of Istir Kingdom .


Istir Forest-Thais:

  • Travel to Istir Forest , then travel west until you reach a frozen pond..."maybe you should learn to ice skate". Where could you learn how to ice skate? Surely somewhere around here? Nope...nada...zilch...nothing. That means Mel will have to learn to ice skate in an unexplored area at an Intelligence Agency. But where?

Remember speaking to some characters in Thais? A man (in front of the Thread and Needle) stated he owns a Merchant Pass and can travel through Red Rock Pass to Stormbend.

  • Travel to Thais and see if the merchant will give up his pass...can't find him...but a woman in front of the Thread and Needle states the merchant is already traveling to Red Rock Pass.
  • Travel to the northwest portion of Brightwood Forest towards Red Rock Pass (if making the optional wine deliveries, pick up your last delivery for Stormbend if you haven't already).


Red Rock Pass : See Red Rock Pass Map

3 Bags and 2 chests

  • As you approach the entrance to Red Rock Pass , you see a man lying on the ground. Speak to the man lying on the ground. He's the merchant and some bandits have beaten him and stolen his pass. Edward agrees to find the bandits and return the pass.
  • Enter the Pass/cave and explore. There are 3 bags and 2 chests to locate. (Make sure your party is equipped well and there are replenishing items available.)
  • After fighting the bandits, loot their corpses to receive the merchant pass.
  • Take the merchant pass back to the injured merchant. Unfortunately, his injuries were fatal.
  • Enter the cave and locate the door, place the merchant pass into the scanner on the right...not the door. (If the game says "the door is locked"; the door has been selected not the scanner. Select the scanner instead.)
  • Explore the rest of the caverns and exit into Sinoa Plains. (You can explore Sinoa Plains at this time if your party isn't too badly injured and you have serpent amulets to protect them from the snake's poison. You'll have to return to this area later.)


Stormbend ( Spell Goodie Cave available): See Stormbend Map.


2 Bags and 3 Chests

  • Travel west to reach Stormbend from Red Rock Pass.
  • Explore the City; there are 2 Bags and 3 Chests hidden in Stormbend. Stop by the Intelligence Agency and learn how to ice skate. Enter the doorway at the back/basement of the Intelligence Agency.

Ice Skating Test (Random Solution): Object put 4 correct items in the correct sequence on 4 tables.

    1. Start by placing 4 identical items on each of the small 4 tables (you can only carry 1 item at a time)
    2. Select the lever on the wall on the right.
    3. Leave any items on tables that are green and pick up the items on tables that are red.
    4. Place another group of identical items on the empty tables, keep the items on the tables that are green and remove the items from the tables that are red.
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 until all the tables are green. (If you place different items on the tables, some of the tables could turn yellow meaning that item belongs on another table, you can play by placing different items on tables at the same time...it just takes longer)
  • Purchase a canoe from the ship merchant on the west side of the city, who will deliver it to Sinoa Plains.
  • Purchase flowers from Lola in the shopping area.
  • Replenish your party's health by sleeping at the Inn and purchase items needed. (Serpent amulets work well in Sinoa Plains best Armor for Mel is located here)
  • Upgrade any purchase equipment by equipping your party member/s.

Optional Goals:

·         Make your last wine delivery to Drew in the south central of the city.

·         Speak w/ Doran near the Inn to receive a quest to rid the pirates in the city. (Can't be completed in this game)

·         Make a donation or steal from the Goddess Statue.

·         Activate the MME.


Sinoa Plains:


  • Explore the Plains and locate 2 bags (1 bag well hidden in trees) and 5 chests while fighting monsters and searching for loot. You'll need to strengthen your party's levels before continuing much further. See Sinoa Plains map.
  • Locate your canoe (it's very small...how you get 4 people in it...that's right the magic of games) along the southwest river. Take 2 rides in the canoe to reach a chest and a bomber egg **Reminder you can use the bomber egg 1 time and then it's gone OR you can take it too Moo Hatchery and have an endless supply, which will enable you to explore more of the game...you're choice** You need 3 bomber eggs to explore additional parts of the game.
  • Should you speak to a blind dude roaming around the south of the plains...just remember where he is.
  • Explore some more before heading to Istir Forest to strengthen your party members and to obtain a few more supplies. Travel southwest to Mire Woods.


Mire Woods: See Mire Woods Map

3 Bags and 2 Chests

Explore the area fighting and looting along with locating 3 bags and 2 chests. (avoid the Spider Den for now)


Witchwood: See Witchwood map

2 Bags and 1 Chest

Explore the city and locate 2 bags and 1 chest.

Replenish your party's needs and purchase Eye Drops (Junk Store) and Toad Amulets (Armor Store).

Exit Witchwood and travel west to the Spider's Den in the southwest area of Mire Woods. The Spider's Den is in a cave opening.

Optional Quests:

·         Activate the MMR.

·         Donate or steal at the Goddess Statue.

·         Spider Nest: Speak w/ Gretchen in a cave on the east side of the city. She's grieving the loss of her pet spider. Bring her a spider nest from the spider Den to fulfill the quest.


Spider's Den: See Spider's Den map.

2 Bags and 3 Chests

  • Locate 2 bags and 3 chests while fighting and looting.
  • Fight the large spider in the southwest corner of the den.
  • Travel to Istir Forest either by foot (go through Mire Woods...Sinoa Plains...Stormbend...Red Rock Pass...Brighten Forest...to Moo Hatchery...to Istir Forest)


the MME and/or a combination of traveling by foot and using the MME. (Witchwood to Stormbend is 200 gold and Stormbend to Moo Hatchery is 300 gold or Witchwood to Stormbend 200 gold to Thais 100 gold)


Use a Red Warp Egg ($500) if one was purchased previously.

Optional Quest:

·         Cut the spider web off the wall to collect it and take the spider web to Gretchen in Witchwood in exchange for a spider egg.

·         Pick up your payment for the wine deliveries at the Chateau.


Moo Hatchery and Hatching Eggs: See Moo Hatchery Map

·         Speak w/ Professor Moo and he'll give you instructions on hatching an egg.

·         Your egg will hatch a new pet and be taken to the kennel where it will produce additional eggs. (At this time you probably have a bomber and a spider egg that will reproduce)

·         You can return to the hatchery as often as you like. After you collect an egg, your pet will lay another egg after 15 minutes of active game play.

·         You can only have one of each type of animal/egg hatching at a time i.e. you can't have 2 bomber birds in order to collect bomber eggs faster.


Istir Forest and the Ice Caverns: See Istir Forest and Ice Caverns Maps

Istir Forest : 3 Bags and 5 Chests

Ice Caverns: 2 Bags and 5 Chests

  • Now that you can ice skate travel to Istir Forest . Mel can now walk on any patch of ice that she may run into. (go northwest from Brightwood Forest )
  • Explore Istir Forest for 3 bags and 5 chests (unable to access 1 because of boarded cave entrance) while fighting and looting.
  • Locate Quin Castle , enter, walk down the hallway and attempt to awaken the sleeping girl on ice.
  • You can explore the ice caverns now or later for 2 bags and 5 chests. (I recommend later, after collecting 1 bomber egg to use in the cave in order to complete the caverns at the same time, they do not have to be explored to finish the game).
  • You should at the very least locate the sapphire gem for the Excalibur before traveling through the Aveyond portal. The game gives sufficient instructions on how to place the gems in the Excalibur.
  • Travel to the Aveyond Portal located in the northeast section of the forest when you've explored to your satisfaction. Star w/ a circle around it.



Aveyond: See Aveyond Map

  • After you first enter Aveyond, go south and speak w/ Glenda to receive information on strengthening the Excalibur by dipping it into the fountain. Dip the Excalibur w/ the blue sapphire in the hilt to transform it into the ice diamond.
  • Travel north to explore Aveyond...you know the routine...replenish you party members health points and purchase supplies while exploring. There are no chests or bags of gold in Aveyond. There is no MME of Goddess Statue.
  • There is an Easter Egg you can collect in the southwest of the city by the rivers. The Easter Egg can be hatched at Moo Hatchery and has have one of these 5 random effects when used:
  1. Fill all party members' health points.
  2. Fill all party members' skill points.
  3. Fill all party members' health and skill points.
  4. Remove all ailments
  5. Curse the entire party.


Visiting Beauty at Quin Castle :

  • Speak w/ Rita the gossip columnist at Thais News north of the Thais entrance. (Through Istir Forest ...through Brightwood Forest to Thais) and receive 100 gold coins for the "juicy tip" regarding a love story.
  • Exit the Newspaper office and then re-enter the Newspaper office and speak to Rita again she will give you the next clue "witches are always involved in stories like this".
  • Look for the newspaper in several locations as you travel (one is by the entrance to Thais)...and read one just for fun.
  • Deliver and pick up any eggs you may want to hatch or have hatched before traveling to Witchwood...if you haven't picked up your final payment at Chateau Lenore, now is a good time to do that also.
  • Pick up any eggs that may have hatched at Moo Hatchery.
  • Explore the Ice Caverns after you have a bomber egg if you didn't explore them earlier using a bomber egg. (2 bags and 3 chests)
  • Travel to Witchwood using your method of choice. (MME or foot or a combination).
  • Speak to the Witches in Witchwood. If you've spoken to many characters throughout your journeys, you'll probably remember the name of the witch...her name is Hepititis.
  • Speak to Hepititis in the southwest of Witchwood. She'll confess..."A fool refused to marry me because he was in love with the brat in Quin Castle . I blinded him and cursed her to sleep forever." Hmmm...this sounds a lot like a fairytale...bet the blind dude could awaken the sleeping girl.
  • Purchase eye drops at the Witchwood junk store if you didn't purchase them earlier. You may also want to purchase additional replenishing items for your party members. The pumpkin pie in Witchwood replenishes a whopping 150 health points at one time. Also make sure you have you have the sleep or toad amulets before returning to Quin Castle (it will be a little while yet...just a reminder). Save your game before entering Quin Castle .
  • When you have the eye drops; travel north through Mire Woods into Sinoa Plains. Locate the blind dude, Eston, you may have encountered him earlier. Find Eston along the river in the South of Sinoa Plains; speak to him and give him the eye drops. Eston will leave to wake the sleeping girl.
  • THE GAME ENDS SHORTLY AFTER A FIGHT IN THE CASTLE...NOW'S THE TIME TO COMPLETE ANY INCOMPLETE QUESTS (Four quarter keys to Naylith Summit and Stormbend's pirate problem have to be completed in the next chapter Gates of Nights all other quests can be completed in this game) AND/OR EXPLORE ANY UNCHARTED AREAS...SUCH AS SHADOW WOODS SOUTH AND THE CATACOMBS as you can't return to the game after the fight at Quin Castle after you auto-save for Gates of Night.
  • You have 2 choices now; either return to Quin Castle and finish this chapter (game) or complete optional quests and explore optional areas.
  • Remember the brown chest you couldn't open at the beginning of the game in the Darkthrop Keep sewers? The chest contains a Serpent Sword...the best weapon for Galahad (except for Thor). Travel to Harburg to Darkthrop Keep IF YOU HAVE A BOMBER EGG to get the Sword for Galahad.


Serpent Sword for Galahad: See Harburg and Darkthrop Keep Sewer maps.

  • Travel to Darkthrop Keep, enter the tower...go left and enter the first doorway...flip the switch down. (you may have already done this)
  • Exit the Tower and enter Darkthrop Keep sewers.
  • Visit and speak to both Lord Burnaby and Hanna in the north section of Harburg if you haven't seen them after they were reunited.
  • Walk through the sewers (you'll have to flip all the switches in the sewer as they reset themselves every time you exit a door).
  • Use a bomber egg on the boarded door and travel to the chest in the mid-north of the sewers to collect the Serpent Sword.
  • Exit the Sewers. You can use an emergency exit to exit the sewers or retrace your steps.
  • Travel to the southeast of Harburg and enter Shadow Woods South.


Shadow Woods South: See Shadow Woods South map.

  • Explore Shadow Woods South which can be extremely lucrative...but challenging as the monsters are powerful. There are 5 bags and 5 Chests to locate.


Catacombs: See Catacombs map.

5 Bags and 8 Chests

  • Make sure you have plenty of replenishing items before entering.
  • Your party member's health points and weapons should be at their maximum.
  • You should have plenty of cassia leaves and elixir...of course other items are also helpful.
  • By reading the steps above, I bet you can surmise...these monsters are powerful. The Blue Grim Reapers cast spells and kill your party members immediately. (undead amulets can be helpful)
  • Try to kill the Blue Grim Reapers FIRST. Te'ijal's drain skill can be helpful if her health isn't full; Mel's trip skill (if you're lucky) can neutralize one of the reapers for one round.
  • Find the Gunthrop family item for Ralph (in Harburg). The location of the item (memoir) is random so it's not marked on the map...but, the potential locations are marked by a "M" on the map.
  • Activate the levers behind doorways numbered 1 and 4 to make all possible Gunthrop Family Item (memoir) locations available along w/ all chests and all but 1 bags. Collect the memoir first and open all chests; then explore the rest of the catacombs by activating switches to have access to other parts of the catacombs. Activate the lever behind door number 7 to have access to one bag. Wish I could be more helpful...but I find the catacombs confusing.


  • Activate the switch
  • Oh...almost forgot there are 5 bags and 8 chests located in the catacombs.
  • You can't go into the underworld in this game as you don't have the Death Certificate...that's for Gates of Night.
  • When you're through exploring the catacombs return to Harburg. Locate Ralph in the southeast section of Harburg near the Magic and Items stores and give him the memoirs.
  • Return to Quin Castle in Istir Forest .


Waking Beauty at Quin Castle :

  • By now, you've had plenty of experience in fighting the enemies. I'm sure you're well prepared and have tried many items along w/ different types of armor, weapons, spells and accessories for your party members. You know what works best for your strategy. Good Luck!
  • As you enter the Castle and walk towards the sleeping girl, you walk past a line of want-a-be husbands for the sleeping girl. Eston cuts in line and awakens the sleeping girl with a kiss. Eston and the sleeping girl say thanks to Mel and Mel asks for a reward. The beautiful girl hands Mel a quarter key... then Hepititis grabs the key from Mel. Hepititis then casts a spell and her army of toads appear. Beat Hepititus and the toads by keeping your party members alive to win this chapter. . .Hepititus then declares...this is not over yet!

Content(s) of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides. ©CasualGameGuides.com 2006 - 2020

Content(s) of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides. ©CasualGameGuides.com 2006 - 2020

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