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Allow our Aveyond: Lord of Twilight Walkthrough to accompany you through this first installment in the Orbs of Magic series. . Follow Mel, an intrepid thief, as she fights to defeat the evil vampire that is on the cusp of conquering the entire world. Use our detailed hints, tips, and customized screenshots either to help you out of a tight spot or as a constant source of advice as you explore and quest through the vibrant world of Aveyond
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Magical Mirror Express (MME), Warp Eggs, and Goodies

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Items and Weapons


Aveyond: Lord of Twilight is the first chapter in the Orbs of Magic series a/k/a Aveyond 3. The second chapter, Gates of Night is due to be released in July or August of 2009. Aveyond: Lord of Twilight can be played as a stand alone game or can be saved in a special area of the game in order to continue the series in the next chapter, Gates of Night (which will also be a stand-alone or continuation depending on your choice).

If you're unfamiliar with the Aveyond Series, they are role playing games (rpg). In Aveyond Lord of Twilight, you play Mel, an orphan, who becomes a thief to survive on the streets. Mel's life suddenly and dramatically changes when accepting a job to steal an heirloom for a ruthless client, thus putting her life and possibly humankind in danger. Mel travels and explores many locations as the story continues and she completes quests requested from non-playing characters (npc's) in the story.


  • If you find a brown bag, collect it...there are probably gold coins inside.
  • If you find a brown chest or a brown treasure chest...open it...there's probably a valuable item or items inside.
  • If you find a blue chest or a pile of dirt...ignore them (or remember where they're located)...nothing can be done with them in this chapter. They are tools to be obtained in Gates of Night...then you can interact w/ the blue chests and piles of dirt.
  • Explore every inch of every map...you'll never know what you'll find.
  • Talk to every character you come across...you may even want to talk to some of them more than once! This is a good way to obtain clues.
  • SAVE, SAVE, SAVE your game after every complete quest, or after every fight, or after you've collected a valuable item/s, when you're getting ready to enter a new location OR all of the above.
  • When Mel fights, all members present and future, gain experience points.
  • Go ahead...play the optional quests; they make the game more enjoyable. Plus you never know how they may affect the next chapter.
  • Later in the game, there are various methods of transportation. Mel can walk to every map location; she can use the Magical Mirror Express (MME) or warp eggs to teleport to select locations.
  • View all the bookcases to read book titles; they're entertaining, they can give you clues in the game and may even be part of a quest somewhere.
  • You obtain clues in the game by reading the storyline, speaking with characters, interacting with some objects and viewing the bookcases.
  • Each character can NOT use all the equipment available in the game. Part of the challenge of the game is knowing which equipment works best on each character and each enemy.
  • If you intend on playing the next chapter, Gates of Nights, it's best to complete the optional quests.

Equipping your characters: 

  1. Right click on the Character Menu Tab from the menu bar. (Second tab from the left with a picture of a face) to open.
  2. Select Equip on the top left of the screen. 
  3. Choose your character on the right of the screen (in the beginning you can only choose Mel and she starts with a rusty dagger). Another screen will pop-up.
  4. Left click on the category on the left of the screen (Weapon, Shield, Helmet, Armor, Accessory) you want to equip your character with.
  5. Right click on the on the equipment you want your character to wear in the equipment panel.
  6. Exit the menu by right clicking. Then exit the second menu by right clicking.

Purchasing and Selling items from Shops:

  • Select the merchant located in the shop to receive the pop-up menu.
  • Select buy, sell or leave.
  • Purchase an item by selecting "buy" at the top of the menu, and then select the item you wish to purchase. Use the right arrow key to increase the quantity of the item you wish to purchase.
  • Sell an item by selecting "sell" at the top of the menu, and then select the item you wish to sell. Use the right arrow key to increase the quantity of the item you wish to sell (if they are available). Selling unused items is a good way to collect additional gold coins. Items sell for 50% less than their purchase value.
  • Select Leave when you no longer want to purchase additional items. This may seem obvious, but if you accidentally click on the selected item again, you'll purchase an additional item unintentionally.
  • If you want to purchase sleep amulets for every active member in your party, you'll have to purchase 4 amulets. Only one character can use an item at a time.
  • Each character can not use all the equipment available...part of the challenge of the game is knowing which equipment works best on each character.

Fighting Monsters:  **SAVE THE GAME BEFORE ENTERING A NEW AREA and equip your characters**  

  • There is no way to exit a fight once it begins except by using the Beast repellent found in a chest or for purchase for one time only in Gheledon at the Junk Dealer.
  • When a character engages in a fight they gain Experience Points which makes them stronger. All characters in your party gain experience from a battle, including those that are inactive or in reserve.
  • Gain enough experience points and your characters increase their levels. The highest level is 99.
  • When your characters are hit by enemies they loose health points.
  • Try all types of equipment: weapons, shields, helmets, armor and accessories on each character while battling different types of enemies as they all have different affects during fights and will assist you developing the best strategies for your game play.
  • The game uses a take-turn fight system; which means only one party member uses a fight action at a time. Also the enemies only attack one turn at a time. Simply put only one character in engaged at a time, all other characters are neutral until it is their turn. When all characters have had a turn it is the end of a cycle, you then reassign an action for each party member. This type of fight system takes strategy...not quick reflexes.
  • When you select the Monster or a monster approaches Mel;  a fight begins and a pop-up menu with the following choices of actions will appear:   
  1. Attack: Physical attack against a single enemy. There may more than one enemy in the party; but you fight only one at a time. Additional enemies in a party do not fight against you while you are fighting an enemy. Select attack, and then select the enemy you choose to fight. If there is more than one member in your party, you will have to choose attack for each of your party members if you want them all to attack. You can also choose to have your party members take other actions included in the pop-up menu. 
  2. Skill: is a magical or non-magical attribute the character is given. Your character has to have the required mana points in order for you to choose a skill. Each character has special skills or magic they can use in fights. Skills are for the selected enemy only. Magic spells can either be for the selected enemy or for the entire enemy party (See Stella's Character Information in Walkthrough). Select skill and a pop-up window will appear. Then select the skill action you want your character to initiate, then choose the enemy you want the character to use the skill on. Not all skill actions are successful. 
  3. Defend: the chosen character will not engage in an attack on an enemy on this turn, any hits the character takes from the enemy will only cause half the damage.
Item: You can choose to use an item on one or all of your party members (depending on the item selected) OR you can choose to use an item on one enemy or the entire enemy party (depending on item selected).

Content(s) of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides. ©CasualGameGuides.com 2006 - 2020

Content(s) of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides. ©CasualGameGuides.com 2006 - 2020

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