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Allow our Aveyond: Lord of Twilight Walkthrough to accompany you through this first installment in the Orbs of Magic series. . Follow Mel, an intrepid thief, as she fights to defeat the evil vampire that is on the cusp of conquering the entire world. Use our detailed hints, tips, and customized screenshots either to help you out of a tight spot or as a constant source of advice as you explore and quest through the vibrant world of Aveyond
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General Tips

Getting Started

Main Game Walkthrough: Quests

Side Quests Walkthrough

Magical Mirror Express (MME), Warp Eggs, and Goodies

Cool Checklist To Track Your Progress




Items and Weapons



  • You have the option to play or skip the Introduction. The introduction is short and you'll get a better understanding of why your characters react to certain events in the game along with understanding why some of the quests are given.
  • Select new quest to start the game.
  • Choose Your Level of Difficulty:

There are 3 levels of difficulty.

  • Easy: In battle, monsters are 25% weaker and your characters are 25% stronger. Most monsters will not reappear when you return to an area after battle. When characters gain levels, their health and mana (if used) ARE replenished. You have an option to use the tutorial.
  • Normal: Monster and character strengths are at normal levels. Some monsters will reappear when returning to an area after battle. When characters gain levels, their health and mana are not replenished. You have an option to use the tutorial.
  • Expert: In battle, monsters are 25% stronger and your characters are 5% weaker. After battle, most monsters will reappear when returning to an area. When your characters gains levels, their health and mana are not replenished. No tutorial is available.
  • Select Mouse tutorial or Keyboard Tutorial or Skip Tutorial. The instructions in this walkthrough are for playing the game using a mouse.
  • If using a mouse, you can alternately use the keyboard upon preference.  Here's a handy-dandy key to the Keyboard Controls:

ESC Key: Open Main menu, close any menu
ENTER Key: Make a selection, talk, search, or open a door
ARROW Keys: Move character up, down, left or right
Page Up and Page Down Keys: Switch characters in Equipment, Skills, and Profile menu
F12 Key: Return to the Title screen without saving your game
A Key: Open Save Game Menu
S Key: Open Journal
D Key: Open Items menu
X Key: Open Equipment menu
C Key: Make a selection, talk, search, or open a door

  • Abbreviations and definitions used in the game:

HP: Health Points (When 0, your character dies)
MP: Mana Points (When 0, your character can't use skills)
EX: Experience Points (Use these to upgrade your character's level)
LV: Level (A higher level gives a character higher statistics)
Attack: Strength of weapon
Strength: Physical strength of the character (Doesn't include weapon strength)
Physical Defense: Defense against physical attacks (Sword, etc)
Magical Defense: Defense against magical attacks (Fire, etc)
Luck: Increases your ability to dodge attacks and find loot
Healthy: Character has no ailments
Poison: Character is poisoned (Lose HP slowly until treated)
Toxic Poison: Character is critically poisoned (Lose HP slowly until treated: strength and physical defense reduced by 20% until treated)
Cursed: Character is cursed (Attack and defense is only 50% until treated) IS NOT THE SAME THING AS CURSED ARMOR. If you've used Witcheye Root, and your character is still cursed, try removing the characters equipment as one of the items is probably cursed (excluding weapons).


  • Save your game. ***Save your game often as you proceed through the game, can't really stress this enough!** You'll have 7 slots to save your game as you proceed through the game. The game will do an auto-save after you leave each map location.

Picking up items:   

  • Select the small bag to the left of your Character, Mel, and receive a treasure chest key. You can find bags looking like this in many locations throughout the game with gold inside...so look for those bags when exploring.
  • Select the items icon on the menu bar to verify Mel received the key.  Right click to exit the menu. Right click to exit all menus throughout the game.


Opening the treasure chest:

  • Select the locked treasure chest to the north by the waterfall to receive some dirty clothes. This is your new armor. You'll be able to locate brown chests throughout the game that have various items in them to aid in your game play. Not all brown chests look the same. The blue chests you'll find can't be opened until the sequel "Gates of Night" due out in July or August of 2009.

Equipping Mel:

  • Equip Mel with her new armor of dirty clothes.
  • Right click on the Character Menu Tab from the menu bar (Second tab from the left w/a picture of a face) to open. 


  • Select Equip on the Equip Panel on the top left of the screen.
  • Left click on Mel from the Character Panel on the right of the screen to choose her as the character you want to equip. Right now she's your only choice; later in the game there will be other characters to choose from.
  •  Another pop-up menu will appear.
  • Left click on armor on the left of the screen and then left click on the dirty clothes in the equip panel. You'll notice her physical defense will increase to 2. It was 0 before you equipped her with the dirty clothes. Who ever thought dirty clothes could be so powerful...maybe it's the stench. 


  • Right click 2 times to exit both menus.

Mel's first fight:

  • Select the rat to the right of Mel at the end of the path. A pop-up menu will appear.
  • Select Attack to physically attack the rat.


  • When the rat is dead, select the rat's corpse to "search for loot".
  • Collect the cheese.

Replenish Mel's Health Points:

  • Select the items tab in the menu bar. (the tab looks like a bag w/ string tied around it)
  • Select the cheese in the items panel. 


Select Mel in the upper right of the screen. You've fed Mel and replenished her health after fighting.

Content(s) of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides. ©CasualGameGuides.com 2006 - 2020

Content(s) of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides. ©CasualGameGuides.com 2006 - 2020

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