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The Aveyond Gates of Night Walkthrough is a comprehensive walkthrough which guides you through the Beginnings, The First Key, The Second Key, The Third Key, The Fourth Key, Finding the Orb of Light, Secret Caves and more.
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This game continues the quest of the young hero Mel and her friends as they search for the Orb of Light and try to rescue the world from the evil vampire Gyendal who wants to plunge the world into darkness by using the Orb of Darkness.

This guide will help you through the game, but be careful as it does contain spoilers! I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did gamers. This one was really hard to stop playing and I can-rsquo;t wait to get the next one!


Beginnings | The First Key | The Second Key | The Third Key | The Fourth Key
Finding the Orb of Light | Another Orb? | Secret Caves



The Third Key

Back in your ship, you can now sail to Fedir Forest, which is the next island over.


Once in Fedir Forest, try to stay away from these monsters for now. Just follow the road. This will eventually take you to the elven city of Venwood.


Monsters in this area are the horned bees and the griffons.




The city of Venwood is home to the elves. There is a lot to do here including picking up a pearl for Excalibur’s hilt. A pretty elf has the pearl and offers to sell it to you. There is also the mystery of the checked out library book that the librarian is convinced Lydia took. She refuses to give them a spell book until the book is returned. Search around town until you find Lydia’s clone. She’s the one who took out the book. She’s the one who’s causing all this trouble!


She offers up a riddle of where she has hidden the book… she’s so smug she thinks you’ll never get it…  but come on… under a noble shadow? Duh… it’s obviously the statue in town. Head over there and rescue the book. You can now check out the book… after you pay the late fee of course. Stupid faerie.

More things to do and see in Venwood include an intelligence agency where of all thing you learn how to speak orc. Find the house with the tree sign and get ready to take another test to prove yourself.


This test isn’t too hard, it just takes a little patience to get it right. Step on the lily pads and try to catch the butterflies. Just walk over them to pick them up. Once you are done, head back to Maya and she will teach you the lovely language of the orcs.


Don’t forget to rest up here and upgrade any equipment. Also pick up some berserk amulets to protect you from the monsters in the area. Once you’re done, head back out into the forest.

Fedir Forest

Back in the forest once more, head to the south and find the waterworks tower.


Go inside and try to pull down the lever. You’ll discover that the lever is stuck. Lydia suggests that if you only have some oil, you could get the lever to move. Unfortunately, you don’t have any at this moment… and even if you did… you don’t know how to swim… yet.

So back into the forest you go. This time head north and west until you come upon an impressive looking door. Try to open it and you’ll discover that again you are thwarted. This time you need a key to open the door.


Armed with this knowledge head back to Venwood.


Once you are back in Venwood head to the north east corner and go to Venwood Castle to see the queen.


She will ask you if you have any questions for her and you ask her about the faerie portal. She tells you about it, and you ask her nicely for the key… and wouldn’t you know she says no! The nerve. She doesn’t trust us enough to give us the key yet… So let’s get out of there. Oh wait… before you leave the castle, check out the left staircase and you will find a chest that contains… and oil can! So the first part of the puzzle is completed… now you just need to learn how to swim. Back to the pirate ship you go!

Orc Empire

Well, you just learned how to speak Orc, so you might as well put this skill to use. It’s not one of those useless skills like algebra or physics. You can actually do something with this… ok I realize some people do things with math, but I would rather poke my eyes out then have to waste away in math class. Anyhow…man they aren’t going to let me do these guides anymore if I keep yapping… So back to the orcs. They live to the north.

Sail your ship until you come to a little island. You’ll see two docks across from each other. Go to the little island first. This is the orc prison.


In the prison, you meet Ulf. Ulf is a small orc who is wrongly accused of murdering his father. He asks you for his help.


You let him know that you’ll do what you can. Now it’s time to put all those episodes of Murder She Wrote to good use and make Angela Lansbury proud. Head to the orc empire mainland. It’s the dock right across the way from where you are now.


You’ll find yourself in the wastedlands. And it’s not the teenage kind.


Well they are barren and full of gross things. Enough said? All right… there are some treasure chests to find here as well… go ahead, explore. I’ll wait.


Jeez, are you done yet? Let’s get one with it already… ok fine… one more battle, but that’s it. I mean it. Ulf needs your help! Ready… on to the city of the orcs… this is in the west. But you the explorer probably already found that out didn’t you?

Orc City

Well, do you feel lucky? Well, do you? Because everyone here is bigger and stronger than you and probably want to eat you and ground up your bones. But you’re here and you have things to do, so suck it up.

First on our list is finding that intelligence agency. Seems like a weird place for one, but hey… oh well. Once you find the agency, it’s time to go learn how to swim.


Leave it to orcs to use a squishing spiders test to prove that I am worthy to swim… what does that have to do with swimming? Now that I think about it… I don’t think any of them really were related at all. Maybe it’s just like pledge week where they make you eat goldfish and get paddled in public or something. Oh well… squishing spiders. This can be a bit tricky, but don’t worry… I figured it out. You have to roll the bolder down the lane when the spider is in the lane before. It times it perfectly and you have 5 dead and bloody spiders on your hands… and then… you learn to swim!


Ok now that we know how to swim, what’s next on the list? Let’s peak in on the slave quarters. These are located in the south west of town. There you’ll meet none other than the mighty hero Hercules who turns out to be a serious jerkules. He’s high on himself and doesn’t really seem to care about any of his fellow prisoners. Whatever dude.


OK… one more thing before we help Ulf. Go to the item shop, it’s near the beginning of town. Now don’t get excited… the key that’s there isn’t the real think… it’s a fake key, but you’ll need it later. Pay the man errr orc for the key and get out of there.


Ok, now let’s go help out Ulf. A visit to the investigator proves worthless. He obviously spends his time eating donuts or cops… or cops eating donuts. Nevermind… it’s up to us to find evidence that will prove Ulf innocent. So where do we go from here? To the scene of the crime of course! Find the murder scene in the south east corner and talk to the guard standing there. He tells you that he remembers it was raining the night of the murder. Interesting… and what’s this? Muddy boot prints next to where the body was? Could that be… a clue a clue!!! With this knowledge, let’s go inside the brother’s house.

There we meet Ulf’s lovely brother. When we talk to him he tells us how smart he is to get rid of his father and his brother… hmmmm well, maybe he is the killer? You think? Head upstairs to the boys rooms. To the left is Ulf’s tidy room with a tiny clean pair of boots. No mud here.


Next let’s go to the brother’s room… he’s kind of a pig. And what’s this? Muddy boots? Large muddy boots… I wonder… is this enough evidence to convince the investigator that Ulf is innocent? Surely it is. With evidence in tow, you head back to the investigator’s office. You present him the evidence in a clear and professional manner. He believes you! He is sure Ulf couldn’t have killed his father.


So he’s going to let Ulf free! Wait… no he’s not? Why? Because Ulf is a wimpy geek who no one likes. Well glad we went to all that trouble for nothing! Thanks a lot buddy. But this is where good old sly Mel formulates a plan. She wants to annoy the guards and get thrown into prison. Ok… that doesn’t sound like a very good plan, but oh well. Head to the castle to the north and talk to the guards. Mel will insult them and off to prison you go.

Great. Now you’re in prison. What now Mel? Find the secret hidden passage out of there of course! She’s so smart! Go along the back wall to the right to find that passage out of there. Ulf will follow you and since he has nowhere else to go, he decides to join your party. And there was much rejoicing.

But there is still that little thing about the key… and it’s on your map that it can be found in the orc city… so trudge back to the city and head straight for the castle. Go to the king and ask pretty please for the key. Of course he throws you out on your butt, but at least you tried to ask nicely. Now, it’s Mel’s turn. Sneak around the side of the castle and talk to the guard there. Ulf suggests using music to lull him into complicity. But where can we find music? Remember that old music box that spoiled kid didn’t want anymore? Let’s use that!


Well, be glad the orc appreciates the toy more than Fin did because he winds it up and promptly falls asleep leaving the door wide open for someone or a few someones to sneak in.

Ok, brace yourself. I can’t even tell you how many times I got kicked out of the castle because the guards saw me. It’s very tricky to sneak around them. And no matter how far you’ve gotten, you’ll always get thrown back to the beginning. The key I discovered is walking close, but not too close, behind the orcs as they move. Once they are facing forward, and you are in front of them, they will see you. But they won’t see you if you are behind them or on the side of them. Keep sneaking until you get to the treasure room.


Once in the treasure room you discover… drum roll please… the third key! As you snatch it up, you realize that if the orcs find it missing they’ll raise the alarm. You quickly replace the key with that faux key you bought earlier. Just in time too because the guards come rushing into the room and promptly throw you out on your rear.


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Beginnings | The First Key | The Second Key | The Third Key | The Fourth Key
Finding the Orb of Light | Another Orb? | Secret Caves

Content(s) of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides. ©CasualGameGuides.com 2006 - 2018

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