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The Aveyond Gates of Night Walkthrough is a comprehensive walkthrough which guides you through the Beginnings, The First Key, The Second Key, The Third Key, The Fourth Key, Finding the Orb of Light, Secret Caves and more.
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This game continues the quest of the young hero Mel and her friends as they search for the Orb of Light and try to rescue the world from the evil vampire Gyendal who wants to plunge the world into darkness by using the Orb of Darkness.

This guide will help you through the game, but be careful as it does contain spoilers! I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did gamers. This one was really hard to stop playing and I can-rsquo;t wait to get the next one!


Beginnings | The First Key | The Second Key | The Third Key | The Fourth Key
Finding the Orb of Light | Another Orb? | Secret Caves



Another Orb?

Istir Forest

Hopefully you remembered that to get to Aveyond, you have to travel through Istir Forest, but when you get there, you find yourself in the middle of a huge blizzard. Travel north until Edward announces that you can go no further because of the weather and that you’ll have to find shelter or you’ll all freeze to death! Luckily, there is a nearby cave that you all rush to. There cold and freezing… the whining begins. Lydia is miserable and she doesn’t care who knows it. Of course she blames Mel for it all. Please Lydia, shut up and go to sleep… thank you.


Once your party wakes up, you discover that Stella is missing. Where did she go? Did she head to Aveyond without everyone? It’s the only thing we can hope for so you continue your journey to Aveyond.


Once in Aveyond, seek out the oracle. Once you tell her what has happened, she goes to the library and after careful research, discovers that there could yet be another orb. The Orb of Life. She believes the party can still use this orb against the Orb of Darkness. She also believes that the orb can be found in the underworld.


However… Stella is still nowhere to be found and the oracle says that they need Stella if they are going to succeed in their quest. The oracle then senses that Stella is in danger and could freeze to death in a nearby cave.

You quickly head to her rescue.

Istir Forest

Stella can be found in a cave to the south almost frozen to death. Lydia warms her up with her magic… maybe Lydia isn’t so bad after all. Once Stella is out of danger, a new danger arises. Gyendal has found them! He emerges from a swirly black hole and grabs Mel and drags her off to the underworld!


However, he makes a mistake. He drops a very important item… his death certificate. This will allow the group to enter the underworld and go rescue Mel! How convenient since you were already headed there to find the Orb of Life.

Shadow Woods

Return to your pirate ship and head to the dock below the Orc Empire. This is the Shadow Woods and the entrance to the underworld lies to the south through the catacombs.


Go to the entrance of the catacombs and take a step into the darkness. Ohhhhhh so scary.


The catacombs are a maze of doorways and levers. You need to find the levers and hit them so that the doors will open and let you deeper and deeper into the catacombs. I know it can be frustrating and it’s a bit scary and dark down here… but this is for Mel, remember. We can do this. Keep going through the catacombs and you’ll eventually come to the gates of the underworld. Save your game before you venture any further, because once you go through those gates, you can’t come back.


Wyrm Forest (East)

Once you are on the other side, you find yourself in Wyrm Forest. This is a good place to level since the final battle is coming up shortly! Don’t be disappointed though if you don’t find many chests in this area… there are only one or two.


Once you’re ready, head north to Ghed’ahre… the city of the undead.


Ok… this is your last chance to upgrade your weapons and really stock up on some healing items because we’re heading into the final moments of the game. Mel is being held in the Dark Church to the north, but you soon discover, there’s not much you can do for her now. You have to find the Orb of Life. So take a deep breath and head down the north path that leads to the western part of the Wyrm forest.

Wyrm Forest (West)

Head west across the bridge and then north. You are now approaching the Cliffs of Remembrance.

Cliffs of Remembrance

Yup… there they are… what are you waiting for? The world isn’t going to save itself you know…


Memory Cave

Are you ready for this? The Orb of Life is here. Can you feel it? Travel deeper into the Memory Cave. You’ll find monsters that will try to stand in your way, but I know you won’t let them. You’ll get to that orb. You’ll save Mel… and then you’ll save the world.


Keep following the path, there really isn’t many tunnels that veer from your course. Eventually you will come to a room with waterfalls. You are very close. The Orb is in the next room above the falls.


Good. Now that you found the Orb of Life, you can go save Mel! Stella stays behind to guard the orb while the rest of the group travels back to Ghed’ahre.


Back in town, it’s time to storm the church and free Mel. Equip berserker amulets if you have them and don’t’ forget to save the game. You’re about to get into a nasty fight with some blood-sucking vampires.

Once you have defeated the vampires and freed Mel, make sure everyone’s health is up and head back to the Orb of Life.

Memory Cave and Final Confrontation

As you stand before the Orb of Life… a scene unfolds before your very eyes. Gyendal has found your group and he has once again taken control of Stella. Now, to defeat this monster, you have to face him and your friend Stella.


During this battle focus all of your attention on Gyendal. Stella will not attack you. But she will heal Gyendal so concentrate as much fire power as you muster on him. I know you can do it. Bring that monster down!

At the end of the battle, Gyendal commands Stella to heal him. She does, but she also heals the entire party. Her healing magic triggers the Orb of Life and Mel tells her to concentrate her healing powers on the orb. Stella does so with all her power and the orb comes to life in a flash of light.


When to light fades, the scene left is both joyful and sorrowful. You discover that the Orb of Life has given life back to the vampires. Gyendal, Te’ijal, and Galahad have become human once more.

However, Stella has been overcome by the power and has died in order to save her friends. The heroes drag Gyendal away and you return to Thais where he is locked away, shackled with a bracelet that prevents him from doing magic.

As the story ends, Mel reveals to us that she has a foreboding that Gyendal, while mortal once more, is more dangerous than he ever was before. She also believes that there is still one more orb in existence… the Orb of Death.

Find out in the next game: Aveyond: The Lost Orb. Hmmm that title kind of gives it away, doesn’t it? J


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Beginnings | The First Key | The Second Key | The Third Key | The Fourth Key
Finding the Orb of Light | Another Orb? | Secret Caves

Content(s) of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides. ©CasualGameGuides.com 2006 - 2018

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