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The Aveyond Gates of Night Walkthrough is a comprehensive walkthrough which guides you through the Beginnings, The First Key, The Second Key, The Third Key, The Fourth Key, Finding the Orb of Light, Secret Caves and more.
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This game continues the quest of the young hero Mel and her friends as they search for the Orb of Light and try to rescue the world from the evil vampire Gyendal who wants to plunge the world into darkness by using the Orb of Darkness.

This guide will help you through the game, but be careful as it does contain spoilers! I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did gamers. This one was really hard to stop playing and I can-rsquo;t wait to get the next one!


Beginnings | The First Key | The Second Key | The Third Key | The Fourth Key
Finding the Orb of Light | Another Orb? | Secret Caves



The Fourth Key

Waterworks Tower

Now that you know how to swim and you’ve gotten the third key, it’s time to head back to the waterworks tower in Fedir Forest. Oil up the lever and pull it down to release the water. Now you can safely swim through waterways.


Explore this area watching out for water imps and gill fish.



Eventually you’ll come across a giant octopus about to devour an elf boy. It’s time to play hero and save the boy from a painful death by beaking. Battle the octopus and save the boy.


Once the fight is over, the boy returns home to Venwood. Go back to the city yourself


Head on over to Venwood castle and talk to the queen. She has heard of your brave deed and wants to reward you somehow… so now she trusts us and we can ask for the key AGAIN. This time she agrees and you are rewarded with the Faerie Key!


Go to the faerie portal, unlock to door, and head on into the faerie world.

Whisper Woods

So you’re now in the world of faeries… wait faeries? Or fairies? You know what I mean!!! Anyhow, we’re searching for that final key. You know it’s got to be here somewhere. Follow the path heading west.


Ok, seriously avoid battles in this area. It’s so hard to even see the monsters here. They are blue glitters and red glitters and I hate them! They have a ton of health and can kick your butt. Save your game a lot in this whole area because I died… a lot.



Head west until you reach the city of Faiara.


In Faira, you discover that the Fairy Queen has gone missing and the Frog King has taken over the kingdom. I hate it when that happens. Take this time to explore the city and upgrade your equipment. Check out the palace for the good supplies.


You’ll also meet a bunch of fairy kids who are near a mushroom circle. They ask you to find them a magic mushroom… and just what are they going to do with this magic mushroom I wonder… kids these days.

Pick up some fairy amulets while you are there and then head out to find the Fairy Queen.

Whisper Woods

Head south and you’ll find a purple crying frog. Who is this? Maybe the Frog King left his wife behind? When you talk to her you discover that she is actually the Fairy Queen! She tells you that she was tricked by the Frog King and turned into a frog. So why didn’t she hop her way back to the city? The little idiot was too embarrassed. She didn’t want anyone to see her. No matter that her kingdom was in danger and needed her… she refused to go back until we find her some fairy dust to change her back.


Whatever… anyway it’s time to explore the forest. In the south, you’ll find the Mirror Cavern. You’ll need to explore this area thoroughly so go on in and take a look around.

Mirror Cavern

The mirror cavern is a quaint little place that is home to some cute and fuzzy creatures, namely the mad bunnies and the purple slimes. Obviously, I was being sarcastic… when was the last time you wanted to hug a slime?



There are two key items you are looking for in the cavern. One is the magic mushroom for the children. The other is a wand. You should come to a room where a medusa is hanging out with the mushroom. She’s excited to see you. And guess what? Edward is excited to see her too! Edward falls complete under her love spell and will do anything to defend her so be prepared to fight both Edward and Medusa.


Concentrate your strikes on medusa and you’ll soon be done with her company and the spell will break on Edward. Collect the magic mushroom and the blue treasure chest in the room and go find that wand.

The wand isn’t completely necessary for the game, but if you’re in here you might as well get it. It’s in the very south part of the caverns.


Whisper Woods

Once you are done with the caverns, you can explore the woods some more and you’ll find the fairy who is missing her wand. Give her the wand and she will return back to Faiara. Now whenever you need to be healed, you can go to her house in the city and she will bless you for 300 coins. Not too shabby.



Since there isn’t much else to do in the area, return to Faiara and give the magic mushroom to the kids. Hey if nothing else, maybe they’ll let you hang out with them. Much to your surprise though, they place the mushroom in the circle and then begin to disappear into a portal! Follow those kids!


Whisper Woods

The portal takes you to the north part of the woods. Again, watch out for those glitter things. They can be very annoying. Find the fairy dust in the north and bring the dust back to the crying frog fairy queen and transform her back into her beautiful self.


Once she’s back to normal, she’s ready to go back and get rid of the frog king. Return to Faiara.


Go back to the palace and speak to the Fairy Queen. She’s so thankful that you helped her that she offers you a reward… and guess what? You just got the fourth and final key.


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Beginnings | The First Key | The Second Key | The Third Key | The Fourth Key
Finding the Orb of Light | Another Orb? | Secret Caves

Content(s) of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides. ©CasualGameGuides.com 2006 - 2018

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