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The Aveyond Gates of Night Walkthrough is a comprehensive walkthrough which guides you through the Beginnings, The First Key, The Second Key, The Third Key, The Fourth Key, Finding the Orb of Light, Secret Caves and more.
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This game continues the quest of the young hero Mel and her friends as they search for the Orb of Light and try to rescue the world from the evil vampire Gyendal who wants to plunge the world into darkness by using the Orb of Darkness.

This guide will help you through the game, but be careful as it does contain spoilers! I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did gamers. This one was really hard to stop playing and I can-rsquo;t wait to get the next one!


Beginnings | The First Key | The Second Key | The Third Key | The Fourth Key
Finding the Orb of Light | Another Orb? | Secret Caves



The First Key

Istir Forest

So, you know the first key can be found somewhere in the Istir Forest, so once you are ready, head back out through the Thial Mountains to Istir Forest. Head as far west as you can go. You should see an iced over lake. Unfortunately you can’t go any further. So, head back down to Brightwood Forest.

You are looking for a cave in the North West corner of the map.


This is called Red Rock Pass and it will lead you to the Sinoa Plains.


If you haven’t gained levels here you might have some problems… I know I did. That’s because you’ll encounter some tougher enemies: Rogue 1 and Rogue 2… I could make a star wars reference here… but then you’ll really know I’m a geek.



Sinoa Plains

Once you reach the other side of the pass, you’ll enter the Sinoa Plains. Wait I thought plains was spelled “planes.” Oh well… anyhow… the Sinoa Plains


Quick word of advice… for now, just keep to the road here and try not to wander. The monsters here are a pain and could kill you at this point in the game unless you spend some time leveling.



Make your way west until you arrive at Stormbend.

As you enter Stormbend, you’ll soon be confronted by Lydia who thinks Mel is after her man… can you say meow! That girl has her claws out and she’s ready to fight for Edward and the throne. Anyhow, Lydia is a mage who can be quite helpful to the group so it is decided that she will join them.


Walk around the town and explore. You’ll discover that pirates have taken over the ship area. You will also find the toymaker who can’t finish his toy because he has run out of glue. Let him know that you’ll keep an eye out and bring his some if you can.

You’ll also find a secret cave in this area that will give Lydia and Stella all of their spells. For more information on secret caves, see the section “Aveyond Secret Caves.”

There is also an intelligence agency in this town where you will learn the skill ice skating… guess where that will come in handy?! That’s right! Back in Istir Forest! You did remember didn’t you?

This test is one of the easiest. All you have to do is place objects on the platforms and then pull the lever. If you have it right, it will turn green. If it’s right but it just needs to move, it will turn yellow, and if it’s wrong, it will turn red.


Check out the items shop and pick up some serpent amulets. Don’t equip them yet. Once you are fully prepared to head out, get a move on and return to Istir Forest.

Istir Forest

In Istir Forest once again, you can now cross the frozen lake. Equip your sleep amulets and explore the area for treasure and supplies. You can also find a sapphire for Excalibur’s hilt so look around and keep your eyes peeled!

Monsters you’ll encounter in this area are frostlings and ice wolves.



While exploring this area, you’ll discover several caves. These are the ice caverns and should be explored thoroughly. There are plenty of treasure chests and gold coins to go around and well worth your time.


Monsters you’ll encounter here are ice pixies and pigmen.



Other places you’ll encounter here are Quin Castle in the west and the portal to Aveyond in the North East. Don’t go through the portal yet. Head to Quin Castle first.


The castle is inhabited by Beauty and Eston. Beauty tells you that she once had the quarter key but it was stolen by the witch Heptitus who lives in Witchwood to the south. You’ll also find some blue chests here that you cannot open. Remember them because you’ll be able to open them later in the game.



Before you go through the portal to Aveyond, make sure you have found the sapphire. Enter the portal and go to the south where you will find the Fountain of Destiny! Ohhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhh. Here you learn that you can upgrade the sword Excalibur by dipping it into the magic waters.


There’s nothing much else to do here right now. Explore a bit and stop to make a donation to the goddess statues. See the section on goddess statues for more information.

When you are ready it’s time to find that witch…


Equip your serpent amulets and head back to the Sinoa Plains. There are some treasure chests throughout the area so explore and level here if you want. Once you are ready, head south and travel to Mirewoods.


Try to avoid combat in this area right now. Monsters you’ll encounter here include frogs and hags.



Head toward the east until you eventually come across Witchwood. The place where all witches go to get away from it all. A place where they can curse and eat whatever or whoever they want. Sounds like a great vacation place, right?


Here you’ll find Heptitus who refuses to give you the quarter key. You see it… it’s right there… but you can’t grab it. I don’t know why you just can’t dump a bucket of water on her and run but oh well… on with the quest. Search around town enough and you’ll find a school of witches who are in an uproar because they can’t find their candy. CANDY?? What do they need candy for… well apparently it’s to stop the children from eating them. Every year, children invade their town and the only way to get rid of them is to feed them candy. Where was the last place they left it? After a bit of passing the buck, they soon realize they gave the candy to Harriet. But Harriet has renounced her witchy ways and gone off to Stormbend in hopes of becoming a priestess.

Before you leave, pick up some toad amulets and some witcheye root. You should also find a certain item that the toymaker needs to finish his toy… glue… remember? With nothing else to do here right now, head out to the Mirewood once more and explore the area. One of the places you should explore is the Spider Den.


Monsters you’ll encounter here include… you guessed it… spiders. Ewwwww.


Once you’ve fulfilled your sense of exploration, it’s time to go get that candy from Harriet. Head back to Stormbend.


Harriet is in the inn at Stormbend. Talk to her and she will mark on your map where she buried the candy… because I always bury candy in some dangerous land full of monsters when I have some… ummm candy worms and dirt.


Anyhow, before you leave the town, head on over to the pirates arguing. Yup there are still at it. Speak to the ship merchant who offers to sell you a canoe. Agree and then leave the city. Now it’s time to find that canoe… so back to the Sinoa Plains we go.

Sinoa Plains

Head east in the Sinoa Plains, cross that first bridge and then go south from there. You should soon come across the canoe.


Jump in it and it will take you to the first island. Explore and then repeat. It will now take you to a second island. It’s here you’ll find the buried candy. Keep looking around until you see a pile of dirt. Click on the dirt and you’ll dig up the candy.


Return to Witchwood with your loot.


Give the bag of candy to the witch at the school, in return she gives you a faux treasure map. Nice reward huh? Never trust a witch I guess. Exit the town now and then come right back in. The place will be full of children and the witches will be running around in panic… so now would be a perfect time to run into Heptitus’ house and snatch that quarter key up!


Head back to Stormbend.

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Beginnings | The First Key | The Second Key | The Third Key | The Fourth Key
Finding the Orb of Light | Another Orb? | Secret Caves

Content(s) of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides. ©CasualGameGuides.com 2006 - 2018

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