Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Walkthrough will help you complete this exciting hidden object adventure game inspired by Daniel Defoe's classic masterpiece. The game begins with Robinson becoming shipwrecked on an island in the Caribbean and spans more than 28 years of his life as he explores the island, fights with the natives, and attempts to find a way back home!
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Overview: You play Robinson Crusoe who has been stranded on an island. Can you help him get off the island and back to civilization?

Hidden Objects:

1. You will be asked to find objects based on a theme (ie hand held weapons).
2. You will be asked to find items from a list.

Blue Items:

1. These are items that can only be found by using another object, will circle the items you need to find these along with text below to tell you how to use them. (circled in red)
2. Items that can be combined with something in your inventory will have green sparkles. (inventory items are circled in green)

Hints: You can receive extra hints by finding numbers/inscriptions in each of the scenes. (circled in blue)

Update the Boat: After you complete a stage, you can choose to update the boat. Simply click "update the boat" and it will build part of the boat.

Note: depending on the size/length of an object I may only circle part of it. Not everyone will have the same hidden objects to find. I will circle items that go into inventory.


The Deck

1. find eight (8) handheld weapons
2. find the clean stick and use it on the cannon
3. pick up the dirty stick and use in on the seagull
4. find the Captains Journal



The Galley

1. find eight (8) dishes
2. find Arabic knife and use on the cupboard door



Treasure Room

1. find the golden key and use in on the chest
2. find the lock mechanism and use it on the door


Lower Deck

1. find seven (7) mousetraps
2. find the match and use it on the lantern
3. use the lit match on the dynamite (this may cause you to jump)
4. take the keys from the dog and use them on the locked box



Captains Cabin

1. click on the table and enter a mini puzzle - pick up the picture pieces and use your right mouse button to rotate them until they reveal a picture
2. you can move pieces by placing them on another pile
3. click the bookshelf and enter a mini puzzle - you have to find which objects go below in order to open the door
4. use the letters on the wood blocks to help you identify what goes where - they spell a name.



Chapter 2

On Shore

1. find eleven (11) starfish
2. find the hook, rope, and tree worm
3. combine these with the wooden stick



East Coast

1. find the nine (9) items the animals stole
2. find the coconut and use on one of the holes the opossum has vacated
3. click the opossum to grab him



Naughty Birds

1. find the birds that have the same song by clicking on them
2. you can do it by sound or by the musical notes that appear below it
3. I circled the birds that match with matching colors, there are ten (10) sets of birds


The Temple

1. click the puzzle on the rocks
2. you need to rotate the puzzle so it reveals a picture
3. click the jewels and place them in the discs
4. make note that there are marks by each arrow in the stone
5. this is what direction and how many times that gem will turn the stone
6. red right three (3) times; blue left two (2) times; yellow right one (1) time; purple left three (3) times; green right two (2) times
7. solution: remove the green in the center; place the purple gem in the third ring (from outside); place the red gem in the second ring (from outside); place the green gem in the outer ring.


Old Goat Cave

1. find fifteen (15) semiprecious stones
2. find the spear head and use it to dig in the ground until you find the dragon egg



Lost Temple

1. find eleven (11) statues of idols (marked with X's due to the sizes)
2. find skull and rock
3. place rock on trap
4. once trap is sprung take skull
5. place the skulls in the eyes of the large head in back to open door



House Yard

1. find ten (10) ingredients
2. find the pot and use it on the goat
3. click the goats utters to milk it, when the pot is full click on it



My House

1. find ten (10) chess pieces
2. click on the treasure chest beneath the window and get the mask and clock key
3. use the clock key on the cuckoo clock


Milk Riddle

1. two jugs must hold 4 oz of milk
2. the only jugs that can hold 4 oz is the middle and right
3. solution : middle - left, left - right, middle - left, left - right, right - middle, left - right, middle - left, left - right.


1. find the horse hair and use it on the guitar


Flowers & Roots

1. this is similar to pipe puzzles found in games but instead of pipes you want to rotate and connect the brown lines to the holes
2. once they are connected to the ones in the center, flowers will pop out of the holes
3. the puzzle is complete once all the holes have flowers in them
4. note: this varies from game to game


1. find the twelve (12) differences between the pictures


Dark Swamp

1. find thirteen (13) creatures that can fly
2. keep swinging (clicking) the skeleton to reveal the hidden objects in blue



1. find thirteen (13) fish
2. click the tombstone for a slider puzzle - pirate skull and crossbones



Skipper In Trouble!

1. find the sixteen (16) differences between the pictures


Skull Cave

1. find the ten (10) letters and earn two hints


Cannibal's King

1. find fourteen (14) keys
2. grab the chain on the left side and hold onto it with your mouse button - don't let go
3. when it raises up all the way let and quickly grab the sickle, if you miss you'll have to do it again
4. use the sickle on the monkeys cage


The Prisoner

1. you have x-amount of bones which you must move around to leave behind x-amount of squares
2. this puzzle varies from game to game
3. hint: make one big square somewhere or a square in each corner

Diamond Grotto

1. first play Simon Says with the flute - watch/listen to its tune and repeat it
2. since this solution is the same for every game I have provided you with the answers
3. the holes are number from left to right starting with 1
4. Solution 1: 3, 3.
5. Solution 2: 1, 4, 7.
6. Solution 3: 1, 2, 6, 7.
7. Solution 4: 2, 2, 3, 2, 6, 5.
8. Solution 5: 2, 1, 3, 2, 4, 3, 7.
9. Solution 6: 1, 6, 1, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 7.
10. Solution 7: 2, 5, 7, 6, 5, 7, 5, 6, 5, 4, 5, 2.


The Village

1. find fifteen (15) mushrooms
2. find the candle and use it on the rope inside the well
3. hold down your mouse button to lower into the well and look for hidden objects on the way
4. all your blue objects will be in the well



The Wise Man Trial

1. study the picture
2. now click the old man to start
3. a new object will appear somewhere - find it and click it
4. note the last new object will remain in place
5. solutions (in order of trials): 1. candle 2. vood doo doll pins 3. needle and thread in old mans shirt collar - left side 4. quill in hand 5. pinky finger 6. curtain left side 7. pigeon 8. cat 9. extra bag under window - right 10. mouse - right shoulder 11. apple 12. card - right shirt sleeve 13. horseshoe 14. purple patch - right arm 15. extra scroll


Farmer In Trouble

1. find ten (10) rodents
2. take a piece of watermelon
3. hover it over the bees and slowly drag them back to the rest of the watermelon
4. if you move to fast they will fly back to the hive
5. find the nail and poke a hole in the hive and get the honey



Enchanted Forest

1. find ten (10) hidden numbers
2. for every five found you get an extra hint
3. this includes roman numerals


The Witch

1. click the crystal ball to get a hint
2. the first hint is from but each hint after costs 20 seconds
3. when you know what it is type it in below
4. solutions: 1. RIP 2. Bottle 3. Crow 4. Goblet 5. Shell 6. Wheel 7. Crystal 8. Onion 9. Cabbage 10. Mushroom 11. Cauldron 12. Watermelon 13. Sunflower 14. Feather 15. Map

The Graveyard

1. find sixteen (16) differences between the two pictures


The Fool Thief

1. find fifteen (15) feathers
2. find the coal and rub in on the blank scroll




1. find the sixteen (16) differences between the pictures


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