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Trust our 12 Labours of Hercules Walkthrough to help you battle your way through ancient Greek mythology as you attempt to help the legendary Hercules save his wife from the evil god Hades. Rely on our detailed instructions and video solutions of each and every level in order to achieve your coveted gold times as you furiously click your way through this intense time management game.
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Author: Date: Nov-15-2013

Welcome to our 12 Labours of Hercules Walkthrough! Here you'll find everything you'll need to help the legendary hero, Hercules, battle his way through mythical creatures and countless dangers as he attempts to save his wife from the evil Hades. Our walkthrough includes detailed step-by-step instructions as well as video solutions of each and every level to help you come up with those challenging gold times.

We hope you enjoy our 12 Labours of Hercules Walkthrough!

12 Labours of Hercules Walkthrough:



  • Servants - Build, repair, and collect resources.
  • Hercules - Removes boulders and other odd jobs
  • Medusa - Removes minotaurs
  • Pegasus - Drops stones and removes harpies
  • Cerberus - Removes ghosts


  • It is possible in this game to not only queue up tasks, but queue those that do not have enough resources as long as they are accessible.  So use that to your advantage to get a worker out there asap.
  • Items and areas that are accessible will have different colored rings around them.
  • Green rings means you have the resources to pick them up
  • Red rings means you needs a lot of resources to upgrade or collect
  • Orange rings means you need about 2 trips of resources
  • Yellow ring means you need 1 trip of resources
  • Hover your cursor over an item to see the cost and income.  If there is nothing in red, you have enough resources.  Inadequate quantities of resources will show up in red plus  information about exactly what you are short of. 



  • Work Faster - Hammer and Anvil
  • Run Faster - Runner
  • Temporary Servant - Man’s Head
  • Stop Clock - Hourglass
  • More Resources - Horn of Plenty (adds 1 unit to each item picked up)




I - Most levels start with just one worker, but occasionally two.  A few levels do not have a house

II - Upgrade to small, costs 9 supplies, provides 2nd worker

III - Upgrade to medium, costs 15 supplies, provides 3rd worker



I - Cost 6 supplies, provides 1 food

II - Costs 8 supplies, provides 2 food

III - Costs 12 supplies, provides 3 food



I - Cost 5 supplies, provides 1 supplies

II - Costs 8 supplies, provides 2 supplies

III - Costs 10 supplies, provides 3 supplies



I - Costs 8 supplies, stores 30 supplies, adds 1 extra unit for each item a servant collects (including trees, eroded paths, gold mines, bushes)

II - Costs 14 supplies, stores 40 units, adds 2 extra units

III - Costs 20 supplies, stores 50 unites, adds 3 extra units



Resources with dials give 3 units and renew over time.  In the walkthrough I call these renewable resources

Resources on and off the road, 3 units

Trees, cost 2 food, receive 2 supplies

Eroded paths, cost 2 food, receive 3 supplies

Gold mine, costs 6 food, receive 2 gold



Rope bridge - 4 food, 4 supplies

Bridge - 6 food, 6 supplies

Bone bridge - 8 food, 12 gold

Stone bridge - 8 food, 10 supplies, 6 gold

Hanging bridge is 3 segments - 9 food, 9 supplies, 6 gold

Boulder - 6 food

Black boulder - 12 food, 6 gold

Enchanted boulder - 18 food, 12 gold

Landslide - 4 food, 3 gold

Crack - 2 food, 3 supplies

Pit - 2 food, 4 supplies

Obstacle pit - 4 food, 9 supplies

Acid or lava pit - 6 12 3

Ship 8 food, 14 supplies, 2 gold; 8 food, 12 supplies, 3 gold; 8 food, 10 supplies, 4 gold

Medusa’s lair - 6 supplies, 2 gold

Minotaur - 3 gold

Pegasus’ Nest - 3 8 2

Stone - 12 food, 4 gold

Harpy - 6 food, 8 gold

Ghost - 8 food, 12 gold

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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