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Virtual Villagers 1: A New Home    08/19/2019 by workbarron
Buy Cissp,pmp,gre,pte,pgmp,cisco UK  » view

Roman Adventures: Britons - Season Two    08/15/2019 by dogsmommy
Level 17 thorn of death
  It's all I have left to do on this level but, when I click on the tree, nothing happens. Yet I'm told I have 1 thorn of death left...  » view

The Island: Castaway    08/06/2019 by Ellie Mea
run out of time
  I keep getting tasks that require you to collect things...logs, tin,rope, ect. THe problem im having is after you collect some the...  » view

Hero of the Kingdom II    08/06/2019 by Angel
found golden armor:Triangle stone in water near crab soup ladyAnother in front of chiefRound stone in cave near volcanoLast behind...  » view

Hero of the Kingdom II    08/06/2019 by Angel
lost golden armor
  hello, does anyone know where to find the lost golden armor?it is the last award i need to complete the game.thanks for the help  » view

Farm Frenzy 2    08/04/2019 by gamingtowin
im working this one now. i'll let u know if I figure it out  » view

Finders    08/02/2019 by Terry
  Hi there I am also finding it difficult to fish in the fist island Keep it within the red line and still cant catch any fishCan so...  » view

Moai VI: Unexpected Guests    08/01/2019 by LFPgamer
Doesn't work, at least on my iMac.  » view

Royal Roads    07/31/2019 by gingernissa
Level 47
  Have tried several times to make it across the bridge before the Kobold takes my wood. However have yet to get it done and am alwa...  » view

Pet Shop Hop    07/25/2019 by T
I recommend buying 20 of all the birds 20 of all the hedgehogs 5 dogs 5 cats, no fish and no rabbits cuz they're a waste of time w...  » view

Pet Shop Hop    07/25/2019 by T
To the person who said only buy birds thank you I decided to try it cuz I thought it would be funny I didn't think it was going to...  » view

SpelunKing: The Mine Match    07/25/2019 by Groupie
Level 23
  Stuck on 23. Have cleared all the obstacles and ice, but cannot find the Crank Wheel.  » view

Midnight Castle    07/23/2019 by j
need friends. my id is: i2721082  » view

The Treasures of Mystery Island    07/19/2019 by Tino
How to finish the mase  » view

Ella's Hope    07/17/2019 by completely lost
second fairy portal
  where is it? How do I make it work?  » view

Virtual Families    07/14/2019 by Maddy
Night stand
  How can I get them to clean the night stand? I tried putting them on the night stand but they keep walking away.  » view

Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House    07/13/2019 by Diana
I have ants!
  There is a trail of ants from the kitchen table to the trash can. They stomp on them, but nothing else seems to work. I've taken...  » view

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