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Midnight Castle    05/26/2019 by Missandei
Add me A1250515 thanks x  » view

Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House    05/25/2019 by Evil Girl
Am I evil?
  I think I’m kind of evil in Virtual Families 2. I always make my people have as many children as possible, then I decide which one...  » view

Hidden World    05/17/2019 by Alias
Snow Fox
  Does snow fox exist? Is he in the game?  » view

Road Trip USA    05/11/2019 by JOJO
Golden Gate Shields
  I can't find the last shield for the Golden Gate Bridge scene. Can anyone help?  » view

Midnight Castle    05/10/2019 by EmTY
Lost my game am an android player level 47 looking for my old friends Admin and HHT on FB forum when I was on Facebook New I'd i...  » view

Midnight Castle    05/10/2019 by EmTy
lost Game so lost friends.
  Emily level 47 old game I'd was a994156 . New is a1241483 on Midnight Castle was on Fb forum not on FB at all but kept hht and...  » view

Holly 2: Magic Land    05/09/2019 by Cathy
Cant find keys. Doesn't work to uninstall than reinstall still no keys. How do I get past  » view

Shadow Shelter    05/08/2019 by ikke
heating burner teachersroom
  Cannot find the way to heat the burner in the teacherslounge. Should use the matches. does not workAny one knows how to do it?  » view

Roads of Rome: New Generation 2    05/01/2019 by Trixiebright255
Level 22
  How do you get to the island?  » view

Luxor 3    04/25/2019 by apples
Tracyestes' tips help a LOT. The only other tip I'll give...]BLACK in the NICK OF TIME.  » view

Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House    04/20/2019 by sarah
gothic furniture
  how come my family not sleep in their gothic beds  » view

Midnight Castle    04/14/2019 by Looby
Please add me as PC friend. ID is 803925  » view

Midnight Castle    04/14/2019 by ShariLeigh
Need PC friends Name is ShariLeigh and id is 791000. Thank you!  » view

Midnight Castle    04/14/2019 by Grandmach
Friends please 805477  » view

Midnight Castle    04/12/2019 by Gerda
Need some PC friends . Mij ID 768025  » view

Midnight Castle    04/07/2019 by Camillia
When my game updated I lost all my friends. Looking for some new ones. a1192803.  » view

Whispered Secrets: Enfant Terrible    03/30/2019 by Judy
Whispered Secrets: Enfant Terrible
  I am stuck in the professors office trying to solve the animal code. I don't understand. I am sure it makes sense if you understan...  » view

Midnight Castle    03/22/2019 by Talk2me67
Restarted game and need friends, daily player. ID i2711824  » view

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