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Hero of the Kingdom II    02/20/2019 by Msgazan
Lost husband is on Forbidden Coast. Get yourself 2 ropes and 1 healing potion and 1 pick. Look closely to your right where the bir...  » view

Virtual Villagers 1: A New Home    02/18/2019 by helping
you have to get atleast 2 master farmers and put them in the lagoon, you need level 3 farming (fishing) they will then hunt strang...  » view

Midnight Castle    02/17/2019 by Hanna
My new I'd is a1198537, please send gifts to this id! Also I will be sending gifts to friends from old is a1142013 until inventor...  » view

Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle    02/11/2019 by noitall43
  cant give locket to jessie. how do i find journal  » view

Northern Tale 4    02/10/2019 by Luna
Gesta's staff is on Bonus Level 2 in bottom left hand corner. Have to give Forester gold and his raven will fly round to uncover a...  » view

Virtual Villagers 1: A New Home    02/03/2019 by yesse
I have a master scientist with an adept scientist and I made them have children and the three of them were born with skills on res...  » view

Journey to the Center of the Earth    02/02/2019 by PJ
I am at the floating island. cant do the puzzle to get there. I was reading on gameboomers that they discontinued the puzzle so I ...  » view

Holly 2: Magic Land    01/31/2019 by buttonhead
I'm stuck at the pipes section. I've tried to find a walkthrough with no luck. Any ideas?  » view

Next Stop 3    01/30/2019 by cjsa
Next Stop 3 Level 16
  In order to fix the quarry & the wood, I need 22 logs. Altogether I only have 21 from the trees & what's there.What am I doing wro  » view

Next Stop 3    01/29/2019 by Revarrie
I had to change my screen resolution. For some reason it doesn't show the whole screen. I changed mine to the 1600 x 900 settin...  » view

12 Labours of Hercules VIII: How I Met Megara    01/22/2019 by Litz
Stuck on level 60
  I get to the end and I am (1) gold shy of getting through. Help!!  » view

Midnight Castle    01/20/2019 by kroketjen
My friends ID is 783359. I play every day  » view

Holly 2: Magic Land    01/20/2019 by Rimillia
Am stuck in the same spot. Haven't tried uninstalling then installing. I have a feeling it won't work. Isn't there a patch whic...  » view

Sable Maze: Sullivan River    01/17/2019 by jimj1s
Still a problem - I got 3 screws out - have been trying for a full day off and on - the fourth screw will not unscrew  » view

Midnight Castle    01/16/2019 by BrokenWings
Now I understand. Need friends. PC # 717787. Thank you.  » view

Next Stop 3    01/15/2019 by Deb
nextstop 3 level 30
  has anyone gotten past level 30 in nextstop 3 ? please help, I cannot seem to pass this level without running out of time :(  » view

Midnight Castle    01/09/2019 by Hanna
Hi! Needing friends for MC gifting, rooms etc. My I'd is a1142013. Thanks!  » view

Midnight Castle    01/08/2019 by Lori
  Can you swap them for coins. I have over 5000 and I dont want to do Trinas challenges  » view

Vengeance: Lost Love    01/07/2019 by cajun
  i click on the coffin and nothing happens  » view

Governor of Poker 2    01/05/2019 by Digler
i can't buy the all houses in the fort worth city, where is the one hidden house?? help me plz  » view

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