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Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers    12/11/2018 by Erica
100% CERTAIN answer:Talking to heathens will gain early devotion skill, once all heathens are converted any villager with some dev...  » view

Midnight Castle    12/09/2018 by Tra
Looking for friends on midnight castleMy Id # a944784. Thanks  » view

Virtual Families    12/08/2018 by Rose
I have had triplets my first try but I didn't use anything for it but my sis ONLY has triplets  » view

Save Halloween 2: Travel to Hell    12/01/2018 by al
Save Halloween 2: Travel to Hell
  how to collect resources from mines 10 times, have done all quests but cant find a way to do this bit.x  » view

Governor of Poker 2    12/01/2018 by Daniel
go to lubbock, wait for ship approaching then talk to the green hat lady  » view

Midnight Castle    11/30/2018 by HMH
Looking for new friends, play and gift daily. My id is 711509.  » view

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children    11/20/2018 by Master Player
Try moving the totem away and then back.  » view

Midnight Castle    11/20/2018 by Cariadx
Midnight Castle has stopped
  Why does it do this?  » view

Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 8    11/19/2018 by Jadzeamay
Steamboats Trash
  I can't find all the trash items in the Steamboats wheelhouse. Does anyone know where they all are?  » view

Midnight Castle    11/15/2018 by TS Carp
I am Looking for friends. I did add a few with the id# . Mine is. Name is TS Carp Id# 777923  » view

Midnight Castle    11/14/2018 by Cheryl
Wise Dragon
  Where do I go to play dice with the dragon?  » view

Midnight Castle    11/14/2018 by MarzipanLUr
I really need some friends. My ID 117910.  » view

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children    11/06/2018 by Z
You can see ghosts in the graveyard  » view

Wanderland    11/06/2018 by amanda
im stuck too  » view

Mystery Case Files: Key to Ravenhearst    11/01/2018 by svm1206
I have the same problem. There is no more water in the sink. But there is no meat tenderizer.  » view

Midnight Castle    10/29/2018 by Caren
Looking for friends on Midnight Castle. Can anyone help? My code is a1009928. Thank you.  » view

Elven Legend 6: The Treacherous Trick    10/29/2018 by gidgetc
Episode 32
  Can anyone tell me how to get more food? I can't get anywhere before I run out of food and there are no berry bushes.  » view

Farmland    10/27/2018 by jackie
was wondering the same :)  » view

Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House    10/27/2018 by October 27 2018
I really want my guy to get remarried his 14 year old child just died and so did the child's mother I've had my family disconnecte...  » view

Governor of Poker 2    10/26/2018 by Jo
thaks a lot you're right is the stage couch  » view

Virtual Villagers 1: A New Home    10/19/2018 by Kia
you must have an Esteemed Elder. A villager that has mastered 3 skills. Only they can teach the children.  » view

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