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Midnight Castle    04/14/2019 by Looby
Please add me as PC friend. ID is 803925  » view

Midnight Castle    04/14/2019 by ShariLeigh
Need PC friends Name is ShariLeigh and id is 791000. Thank you!  » view

Midnight Castle    04/14/2019 by Grandmach
Friends please 805477  » view

Midnight Castle    04/12/2019 by Gerda
Need some PC friends . Mij ID 768025  » view

Midnight Castle    04/07/2019 by Camillia
When my game updated I lost all my friends. Looking for some new ones. a1192803.  » view

Whispered Secrets: Enfant Terrible    03/30/2019 by Judy
Whispered Secrets: Enfant Terrible
  I am stuck in the professors office trying to solve the animal code. I don't understand. I am sure it makes sense if you understan...  » view

Midnight Castle    03/22/2019 by Talk2me67
Restarted game and need friends, daily player. ID i2711824  » view

Kingdom Chronicles 2    03/18/2019 by Prplhrdmj
Kingdom Chronicles 2, CE
  I've played this game twice and I am still lacking one skill...maybe a stop time or something. Does any one know what levels the s...  » view

Midnight Castle    03/15/2019 by Just John
I have two friends that have sent me gifts and I want to thank them.  » view

Midnight Castle    03/06/2019 by E
I need gifting friends on MC game I'd is a994156 level 43. As this is where items get sucked out stock by characters wanting 2 ...  » view

Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 8    03/04/2019 by mudclam
How to reset the wildlife/trash
  After finishing the game and deleting my player name and creating a new one, the wildlife and trash stay full. Cannot replay the e...  » view

The Island: Castaway    02/26/2019 by SlinkyDogg
For ttvaIT WORKED!!!THANKS SSO MUCH!!!  » view

Next Stop 3    02/26/2019 by pac
thanks for both of your information. I was wondering if it was a mistake buying this one. They made an error by not keeping the ...  » view

Northern Tale 3    02/23/2019 by Lou
Northern tales 3 level 5
  Where is the Druids hut?  » view

Meadow Story    02/22/2019 by Sjumi
Bug in the game meadow story
  How to play level 33?  » view

Hero of the Kingdom II    02/20/2019 by Msgazan
Lost husband is on Forbidden Coast. Get yourself 2 ropes and 1 healing potion and 1 pick. Look closely to your right where the bir...  » view

Virtual Villagers 1: A New Home    02/18/2019 by helping
you have to get atleast 2 master farmers and put them in the lagoon, you need level 3 farming (fishing) they will then hunt strang...  » view

Midnight Castle    02/17/2019 by Hanna
My new I'd is a1198537, please send gifts to this id! Also I will be sending gifts to friends from old is a1142013 until inventor...  » view

Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle    02/11/2019 by noitall43
  cant give locket to jessie. how do i find journal  » view

Northern Tale 4    02/10/2019 by Luna
Gesta's staff is on Bonus Level 2 in bottom left hand corner. Have to give Forester gold and his raven will fly round to uncover a...  » view

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