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Virtual Families    07/19/2018 by darkocean
Mine lived to 57 ans 58 (first generation).) Don't send a kid to boarding school you won't see them again until the parents die! I...  » view

Jewel Quest Heritage    07/16/2018 by alias
I found the secret. I experimented until I realized that the special jewels are the only matches that can turn the squares gold---...  » view

True Fear: Forsaken Souls    07/14/2018 by Me
metallic arrow
  I did not receive the metallic arrow after the HOS in the treehouse so I can't magnetize what I don't have. Any suggestions?  » view

Viking Brothers 4    07/08/2018 by gingernissa
Level 48
  Unable to get enough stone to clear debris, have tried all different ways. Can get 25 stone, but have to have 2 workers to get sto...  » view

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children    07/06/2018 by coha92
I just completed the four collections! I found the last pink pebble after playing 513 hours! My villagers population was increased...  » view

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children    07/05/2018 by coha92
In the puzzles tab click statistics. My villager dropped but the piece appeared in my puzzles when I refreshed the statistics!  » view

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children    07/05/2018 by coha92
446 makes the villager very sick! An advantage to master a doctor! I put the villager to smell all the flowers until the bar is al...  » view

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children    07/05/2018 by coha92
Putting the VVs together until they are almost half way in the parenting skills helps to master faster this skill. Also putting a ...  » view

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children    07/05/2018 by coha 92
Same think happens to me. I even have two VVs mastered in all skills and I don't get more totems. I have 50 totems!I just found th...  » view

Silver Tale    07/03/2018 by bitterlily
Killian's shields
  First off, I can't find any sort of meter on how close I am to earning another Royal Commendation in Silver Tale. So I don't know ...  » view

Super Granny 6    06/27/2018 by UEP
I cant get this last kitty either. Help please.  » view

Virtual Villagers 1: A New Home    06/18/2018 by Noob at this game
How do you make the school?  » view

Westward 2: Heroes of the Frontier    06/16/2018 by giggidy
gold production
  So I can employ up to 4 citizens at my gold mine. Will adding another gold mine speed up production or just allow me to employ mor...  » view

Moai: Build Your Dream    06/15/2018 by lordblacknail
me too, wish there was a real walkthrough for this game. I don't have the inspiration stone that they want me to equip.  » view

Governor of Poker 2    06/14/2018 by uitaoa45
press "!" not the person  » view

Campgrounds    06/12/2018 by jen
Mine starts with 5 workers. I have no treasure to dig up. It has already dug up when I start the level.  » view

Farm Craft    06/12/2018 by Farmer
  New to the game. Where do I find another 3 gardeners?  » view

Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium    06/01/2018 by Stumped
Silky Fin Fish in Fish Tycoon 2
  I have found no way to breed a silky fin fish in Fish Tycoon 2. The only way I've seen to get a silky fin fish is from an egg. T...  » view

Aveyond 2    06/01/2018 by profabdul12
How To Join the Illuminati
  How To Join the Illuminati +27789059745The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators...  » view

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