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Midnight Castle    04/18/2018 by PUGS

Midnight Castle    04/17/2018 by Firechild
Looking for new friends I play multiple times a day and gift daily my ID is 742658Please add me if you want an active friend  » view

Fishdom: Depths of Time    04/16/2018 by Pamee
Level 158
  Can't figure out how to get the +double bomb  » view

Wanderland    04/16/2018 by ALD
skeletons/turgs/walking bones
  None of these are showing up. I have gone through several levels and nothing. How do I get them to appear?  » view

Virtual Villagers 1: A New Home    04/11/2018 by birdtron
I just want a reliable response. do they or don't they teach?  » view

Shadows: Price for Our Sins    04/08/2018 by Mouse
I am having the exact same problem. Did you ever figure it out?  » view

Midnight Castle    04/07/2018 by Night0wl
What do these keys look like? Plain metal or fancied up?  » view

Hidden Wonders of the Depths 3: Atlantis Adventures    03/22/2018 by ur
same here  » view

Midnight Castle    03/13/2018 by i1862689
i1807106  » view

Governor of Poker 2    03/12/2018 by Walford
This is how I figured it out. You need to buy/sell a house in Lubbock while you are standing near to Lisa. once the fireworks ...  » view

Governor of Poker 2    03/11/2018 by Hommie
Theres 4 yellow towns on the map, you need to get them. So to the wagon.  » view

Midnight Castle    03/11/2018 by p paola
Or u get them by completing the Hidden/Object Scene Modes or also trying to catch the butterflies when you see them in your and yo...  » view

Midnight Castle    03/11/2018 by p paola
U collect them there, u can't simply remove them manually...Once u'll reach the quantity wanted by the greedy Lady, u'll be able t...  » view

Midnight Castle    03/11/2018 by p Paola
I guess in Spring, there are different rooms to pick and one of them is the Spring one, so by logic the next one should be coming ...  » view

Midnight Castle    03/11/2018 by P Paola
About the Castle Challenge tasks
  So I missed the final reward just for ONE stupid Rare Stamp... Farewell my cute Mermaid! T_TI think the time to complete the last ...  » view

Midnight Castle    03/11/2018 by P Paola
My ID is a942132. Add me!:)  » view

Panda Pop    03/11/2018 by Irv
Over charged?
  Every time I purchase a $4.99 bundle I am charged $10.53....why is this happening?  » view

Wanderland    03/08/2018 by Summoned
jeweled box in samarkand
  Ok, I am frustrated here... Does anyone know the pattern for moving the jewels that will unlock the box?  » view

The Island: Castaway 2    03/05/2018 by Bxbabe
what is the potion, please?  » view

Kingdom Chronicles    02/23/2018 by Melita
Kingdom chronicles 2
  Is there anybody have the walkthrough of kingdom chronicles 2? Really appreaciated if you can share it with me..Thanks  » view

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