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By itman
can anyone tell me how to purchase a wagon and finally reach the national park??
By ahedq
who to win the wagon
By hotsauce
i own all the yellow towns and still cant play for the wagon?
By snoopyuk
Same here, all the yellow but no wagon :(
By joey
I don't know if you tried this but you have to look for the cowboy with a exclamation mark above his head and he'll take you to the poker game.
By joey
Talk to the cowboy with the exclamation mark above his head will let you play for the wagon.
By joey
Checkto see if a circle is around the cities in your map..if not you don't own all the houses your missed buying a house a house somewhere.
By mitch
i cant play for my wagonT.T
By joey
You got to buy all the houses in all the yellow cities then go talk to the guy with the exclamation point then you can play for the wagon.
By joey
I don't have any poker buildings at all to play poker in El Paso..but I can play in all the rest of the cities.
By frustrated
This is so annoying I definitely have all the yellow cities owned both stars and it wont let me play for the wagon and alot of people have the problem. I read that if you buy the yellow hat you can play for the wagon but i cant even buy one..im glad i didnt pay for this crap
By governor
you've got to buy one of the hats for the yellow cities and then you can move forward
By governor
Try this to get the wagon. Go to Lubbock and into the hat shop. Buy the yellow Baseball type cap and go to the person with the question mark (Remember there is 2 question marks close to each other, so you may have to move about). You should then be offered the poker game for the wagon.
By "make my day"
There is no 'Baseball' type hat anywhere. I have approached the Exclamation Point guy in all three towns, but to no avail. And yes, all the yellow cities are owned and have circles around them, but no wagon game available.
By governor of texas
You must own all the houses in the 4 'yellow' towns. Check the map to make sure they are all circled. If you get the message saying you don't own all the houses in the yellow towns go to Lubbock, get a yellow hat, sell one house and buy it back. Go to the guy with two exclamation marks and you can play for the wagon.
By mufti aceh
you need talk to every cowboy without taking any sleep time after own all yellow city
By woodie
just go to Lubbock, no need to buy any hat or avoiding any sleep time. If you have 400$ with you the guy will play heads-up against you for the horse
By earthwormjim
I was having the same problem. Following one of the suggestions here, I sold one house and bought it back. Then, when I went to talk to the guy with the exclamation point, he finally let me play with him for the wagon!!! thx for the help!
By glymz
It's really effective, that if you play for a wagon. You need to go to Lubbock and sell and buy again one of your house, then go to the cowgirl with a two exclamation point on her head. There a question to play for a wagon.. Then WALLAH!... You need to bit a cowboy that owns the wagon.. GOOD LUCK!
By m@n!@c$
Easy. Sell and re-buy a house in any yellow town, travel to another, buy a yellow hat or just equip it, and speak to the owner of the wagon. :-)
By ashhh
Is it really working??
By thedave2006
i sold and rebuy house in fort stockton, afterwhich game lights up you own the town.speak with wagon cowboy to play for wagon. works great. no need to buy yellow hat.
By mamad
can any one tell me how to buy hat in El Paso..??
By ryo
Hello. I finished Governor of Poker 2 - Premium Edition and even after
that I can't buy any hat except of those few which everyone can buy at
the start. Other hats are gray.? I wish to buy the sombrero in hat shop
and I can't. Anyone could help me please?
By syed
how can i travel to san antineo??
By roman
I bought all the yellow cities n played the game for wagon, but after winning it i cant gt to use the wagon..how do use it? I hv purple star in possession but i cant go to the copper mine..hiw do i gt there.. This is frustrating, y created such a good game with so many flukes..
By pc
I own the wagon....but I don't see it anywhere. All the towns I can travel to and the towns I won do not have a wagon. How do I find the wagon, if all the transportation I own won't get me there.
By mt
Yesss! Finally a thread, that helped, i bought the yellow hat in Lubbock and was able to play for the waggon, cant tell which yellow hat though, i was ed off at the problem so i bought all of them, but it worked !
By naveen de
this is for all who did not get wagon in the game play
steps to be followed
1.make sure you own all the yellow sites ( for confirmation check map for encirlces around yellow cities)
2.check for lady or boy with exclamation in any yellow city and play for wagon (not done go to step 3 ).
3.make sure your hat colour is yellow coloured
4.Now do it again with same person there you go play poker to gain wagon :)
By ..gowda
I also got same prob. only thing we need yellow hat and own all yellow cityes.
By the governor
For those not being able to get the wagon issue:
in case you have the hat, own all the yellow cities, go to Lubbock, sell one of your houses and buy it back right away. then click on the lade with exclamation mark... it will work
By darrell
Your reputation all need to be above 90% in all the towns.
By psyfunk
Thank you Thank you Darnell. I worked perfectly. Now I can go on with life. LOL
By dhaval
i won all cites of train boat and wagon but how rech other locatin
By pedreiro
if the sell-rebuy of the house still didnt work.go to the lubbock hat shop..buy or equip with a yellow hat,preferably your very first hat coz that is what i wore when i talked to the lady with exclamation..she will offer you now the chance to have the freakin wagon..all u have to do now is win :)
By bank
You need to have money to the bank! Go to any bank in your city and pay 600 usd. after that this guy can to play for ing horseFja!
By wuns
I own all 4 cities (100% reputation in each),
tried to sell/rebuy a house in all cities, still wont play for wagon with me...
By xtian
thanks guys
By alice
I had the same problem than you guys. Had everything needed and cannot play for the wagon. Do as 'governor' says. Go to Lubbock and wear a different hat. I had to try with two yellow hats, with the second one it worked. It's a matter of hats.
By speedy
buy the hat with the yellow label
By trapza
I got the answer you go to the shop in lubbuck and make sure you wear the first yellow hat. exit the shop and quickly click on the mark (!)
By netd
Doesnt work for me Guys, i can only Buy blue hats.... This sucks.....
By emierul
it work !!!! . buy yellow hat at lubbock ,. then wear . go out from the shop . and quickly press cowboy . actually it has double quest . that why it hard to click . remember . go out . then click quickly before second quest at the cowboy appear. hope work . it work for me .
By rusty nails
Get the hat in Lubbock and quickly go to character with 2 !! .... works!
By jon
I went back to Amarillo after winning the coalmine, then i travveled down the railroad and now i own all the cities along the railroad. But how am i supposed to get to the other towns? I have checked every possibilty, but i can't understand how it's possible to reach the towns not placed by the railroad?? Please help
By aubrey
Thanx alot guys,the adviced worked....i bought the hat in one city and then went to another city to play for the wagon,but i did sell and buy a house again
By infotomovetowns
how can i travel without paying
By pop
After I left the first town (San Saba) the next town has no houses. Is this a setting on my computer?
By poker
wear a yellow HAT and then go back and challenge them
By pajos
How do I get to the national park? i have 1st orange star, which is need, I have wagon and still don´t know...
By jksjks
yippeee it works,go to the hat shop in lubbock ,wear your first hat or any other hat of yellow ring , and suddenly you have to click on mark above the lady before the second mark appear.it worked for me.
By doc
Im sort of new to this. I can ride the horse out of san saba however the there are no houses visible in lompasa, brady or llano. What is up with that?
By masglenk
fast click the mark when its still one. dont wait until 2 mark come (sorry 4 my bad english)
By johnny ohlynn
I was stucked with this wagon bug and I could manage to fix it. It stopped the game, went to options and changed the language, from english to spanish, and it worked. Hope this will help.
By confuser
i have all your problem guys ....hope i can fix it with tour help
By jpsp
I´ve done this and worked, go to any yellow city sell one house and buy it again, then the wagon game will work just fine!!
By jami1201
thank you so much.it really works...i simply go to lubbock the i sell and buy one house then back to girl with 2 exclamation mark.then she will finally let u play for the wagon.thank you!
By dizzy reed
I had the same problem with th...]immediately clicked at the cow...]. And the problem was fixed. :)
By pokeraddict27
I had the same problem. First of all make sure you have at least $400 to play the Wagon guy with the two exclamation marks over his head. Now, go to Lubbock, sell a house and buy it back immediately. Click on the guy there with the two exclamation marks on his head. He will tell you to join him for a game to win the Wagon for $400. If you cannot see that message from him upon clicking on him, re-sell a house and buy it again immediately and re click on the guy with the two exclamation mark on his head. Keep trying the same process, you will eventually get the invitation message from the guy to join him for a poker game to win the Wagon. Easy! :)
By raicha23

You need just to sell one house and rebuy it. And all yellow cities are your
By hi
Buy Yellow head price 120 D then u can play for wagon
By governorofpoker2
Sometimes its a glitch or bug... All u have to do is u have to sell some houses in Yellow Cities and buy it again... I have the same thing as u guys but i have tried this, then it worked! hopefully that this thing will help u out!
By sandip
how i purches wango
By s
When i go to the cowboy he tell me , I will play my wagon ,when you own all the yellow cities.bt i own all the yellow cities
By bibi
In Amarillo the man with ! you will give you the wagon...but the cities with you are going are very difficult...i can't win anything
By 4
sell the house where the person is playing for wagon. then rebuy it.
By hommie
Theres 4 yellow towns on the map, you need to get them. So to the wagon.
By walford
This is how I figured it out. You need to buy/sell a house in Lubbock while you are standing near to Lisa. once the fireworks start, you should be sent to the MAP.

click to exit the map and immediately click on her, while she has one or no quest icons.

This should work
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