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What age do the parents live to?

By jess
Hi I've only recently begun playing Virtual Families, my parents are in their mid fifties and their eldest has gone off to college. Just wondering if anyone knows how long these little people live for on average, do they simply die of old age or can an illness kill them? Do you have to wait for both parents to die before you can pick your next generation?
By jess
I've done some reading and answered my own question. For future reference to anyone else:

Adults will pass away in their 60's on their bed.
You then have 2 choices;
a). continue in the current game and try to uplift their spirits after suffering loss of loved one.
b). click on family tree link and choose next generation and begin a new family with one of yous adult children.
By meme
You can stop them from dying. When you open the family up, if you see someone lying on the bed, hit the space bar to pause the game (as long as their spirit hasn't yet appeared to wave goodbye). If you have the money, buy a stethoscope and while game is still paused use it on the dying person. If an illness is diagnosed, cure them. If nothing is wrong, then buy and use babyboost. Then unpause the game. This should save them. They will jump up on the bed and wave thanks to you. If fruit, vitamins, or an energy drink is available at the store, give it to them. Now at first the family will act as if they were dead and at first you won't be able to pick them up. their picture won't appear in details. but, if you give them the fruit or vitamins that usually puts their picture back. I did this not only with adults, but I had a ten yr old girl almost die and I saved her life.
By kak
WOW! I have been playing for months and never been able to save a dying person! The average age my people die is 58. No matter how healthy they are, they die. I had one live to age 68 and one died at 16. He had a cough, I treated it, he kept getting weaker and weaker-tried penicillin, vancomyacin, etc. nothing worked. Vitamins, fruit, nothing worked. One day he just died in the bed in the children's room! With families in the 8th generation that is the only time I have had a child die. ALSO the parents never "got over it." Usually when a parent dies, the family is depressed for a few hours, then gradually they become a "bit blue" and then happy and then elated. These parents had two other children and they wouldn't watch movies with them, work on their careers, or anything except bathe and eat. They stayed depressed until they died at 58 and they were like 45 when he died! Strange!
By katrina <3
about 60 o n they age about 3 yrs ova nite n 3 in the day n each generation lasts about 1 week
By savannah<333
i tried that thing where you try to save them when there on the bed before there spirit appears to say bye. it didnt work for me, he died. i tried to use the stethescope on him, but it wasnt working, just like there was nobody there to use it on. 'Hubby' was a good 60 year old man:/ i miss him. lol.
By mina
Oh no my mom is 57, that means she will probably die soon....that makes me sad!!
By kayla
It's okay. Usually the average human lives to their late 80's and early 90's. But she can live to a hundred something if she is healthy enough.
By by:selena
" Your virtual family members will be aging a year every two hours (real-time). They normally will pass away in their 60’s, occasionally in their late 50’s. That means you could be starting a new generation every 3 or 4 days.
As soon as one of the parents has died, you will be have the possibility to start a new generation from the family screen. If you don’t have any children, your game will stop right there.
You will be able to scroll through the children and learn more about them etc., as often as you like, so don’t be afraid to press the “try again” button. All the children will automatically be the around the same age as their parents when they moved in into the house. " - Source - Gamezebo
By lizz16
they can live up to the max of 78 but most likely to die at 60 or in the 60s
By abby kelly
so wierd, my wife on my ipod virtual families was 66 and the husband's name is Flicker and he's 61. The wife died before Flicker, which is really wierd. The wierd thing is that the wife wasn't sick or anything. Another thing that's wierd: At 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday March 6, 2012 is that the same wife was still alive; her status said Elated. I came back five minutes later and she's dead! I thought she was going to be 70! Wierd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By peanut-butter!
They will die in their 60's on their bed!! ;) hope I helped!
By swaqq12
lolsoooo freaking truee

By vfluver
Yeah, thanks everyone for helping me awnser my questions. I have a man and he is 61, all of his bars are full and he has mastered his profession. His wife died ad all the children moved out. Can the people die from being alone in the house for a couple days? I just wanted to know how old they can get... So maybe I will have something to look forward to. He might be 78!! Thanks everyone
By kkjk;;/.
no tey wsont dfir ,kk
By tyler denae
I have 2 virtual families. One is 68 year old and his wife is (i think) 84. It's wired because when they got married the wife was a "year" older than her husband now she is "2 years" younger than her husband.....
By anounamous
That's so true the same thing happend to me. What's going on?
By gracgirl17
I'm rely want to know if The parents can get to old to make babies. If that's true, how old until the can't have babies?? Plz answer my question!
By gracegirl17
If you guys want twins then give both parents 1 baby boost each.
By denzell
my virtual family just died at the age of 60
By vfamluva
on the lite version, My pare...
By laney
I was just wondering, when your current generation dies will they're money pass on to the next generation you choose or do you lose it?
By cotton candy/11
My girl is 41 and she had twins twice and didn't even have a baby boost
By amy
i have been thinking ... the husband and wife in vitrutual families when they die what will happen to their children? do they then have children? i have 6 children on that game and i was wondering what would happen, right now the 2 eldest daughters are 15/16 when their parents die what will happen to them and the other children? do the children grow older and get married? all very complex but does anyone know the answer?
By villager
If you want to get a family member out of a depression go to their detail screen and click the 'Upgrade me' right above their head. Purchase psychotherapy and they should be fine!
By brittz
i just had my second family's wife die. i have always choosen new generation and one of the children, of your choice, takes over the house and money and the rest of them move out. is there any way to not do this and get all of the kids married or do u have to pick just one (by choosing new generation) and play with just the one? will the father that just lost his wife remarry? basically i want to know if NEW GENERATION is the only option to move forward in the game
By hehebeb
Josh duded
By periwinkleheadz
So say if one parent dies and there's no children. The remaining parent gets remarried!! Yay!! This happened to my kristella and tone, I kept trying to make them have kids, but noo. Then tone died and boolo came!! But then kristella died but they still don't have kids! Then Camillo comes and boolo adopts him. Yay! So basically they can remarry.
By winter frey
My mum is 56 and dad 57 so the...]
By cheats
If you want to move on to a new generation then just change the date on your ipod. If you want them to be able to try for a baby sooner, then move the time forward 30 minutes.
By livingvirtual
I have a little person ( mother ) who has just reached the age of 85. Idk how she is doing this but the husband died at 69. I got her psychotherapy after his death then she was fine. I always gave her perfect fruits from flea market and nothing but organic food. She also did a lot of gardening and focusing on career. All the other mothers in my other generations have had six kids. I had this mother only have 2.
By kids
I do not have pearnts I do not know how to get pearnts do you know how
By kids
I need help please
By pink

By golu
Funny my 4th gen's dad lived to 87!
By fam fam
My person is 33 And married and she had her first kid at 22 can they make another baby now? plz tell
By myself
They can have a baby when the wife is not nursing or the baby you have is above the age of 3. Then you can have another baby. If you want twin give the husband and wife a baby boost and you should have twins. Hoped this helped!
By cat
What do you do if both parents die before the kid reaches adulthood?
By jess
I have had both parents die while the kid was only 15. I went into the family tree like you would do to start a new generation and clicked on her. She appeared as the new head of the house and it aged to 22 years old.
By mystery game player
No, you do not have to wait until both parents die to choose the next generation. My first generation mother just died, and now her thirty year old daughter owns the house. You should know that the other parents and siblings of the house are forced to move out whenever a new generation takes over the home. You do not see them again in the game.
By june
My dad just passed on at 61 years old
By xandrakitti<3
They don't always nessecarily die at 60. They can last longer, but usually that's the age they live to in your first generation. The life span of your little people expands as does your family history.
By eliane
My woman is 58 and her husband is 60 there first kids were triplets and after that they had 2 single kids they have now all left for college also the wife and husband seem fine because they're all elated.
By die
I want them to die now she 58 and slow how to get over with it
On gosh she 59
She want die how to kill her???
By razzlefrazzledazzle
My 18- year-old is sick, does this mean he won't move out till he's better?
By razzlefrazzledazzle
Hahahaha only just realised that my mother person has the same name as her daughter! :P :D
By none
what age do the parnets stop having kids?
yotta is 40 which is the mom
pieretto is 42 which is the dad
aketta is 17 which is the oldest child
otto is 12 which is the middle child
pink is 3 which is the yougnest
i want another but the parnets want make one so dose that mean they are done having kids for good or they just dont want another one right now?
By mjfan
By interent
They live to their 50s and 60's. You don't have to wait till both parents die. After the mom or dad the kids will become around their age and you get to pick from you kids that are now grown ups.
By some guy in a bush
They go to live in a unicorn village and live to be 200 and eat only puppies and kittwna
By yay!!!
Yay!!! I can't wait my parent'...]
By cra
They live to be in their late 50's to early 60's.
If you want themm to die quicker set your time for next year.
By tyler
Hey guys does it tell you when they are about to die
By elra
My people die at age 61. I've been thru 8 generations and very one died at 61. Weird.
By ihascupquake
How will the kids survive if moms and dads die young???
By ihascupquake
Subscribe on my channel
By iknoweverything
they die around their late 50's to early 60's but in some cases they can live till they are in there 80's. my adopte is called login and she is 31 and her husband login (they hav the same name) is 32 they have a 7 year old boy called yulu.
By iknoweverything
forgot to mention that sometim...]ons
By animeislife
Ummm I had three children who died and the patterns died but my game is forever going and I still have my 45,000 coins what should I do.
By lollollollol
I set the date on my ipod forward 2 days to make my baby grow up a bit but it ended up making both my parents and baby die
By xpuppiesx
It's true WHY IN THE WORLD DO THEY MAKE WEIRD SOUNDS WHEN U GRAB A PERSON?! The little ones are like a song lawl.
By michelle
Wat do i do i do not want any of my childrsn to come back to live in this house except one but she is 4 and the parents are in they 40s they might die before she goes to college
By jas
Mines r girl is 45 and man is 48 and have 4 children between years-2-4 weird righttt??
By caitlin
My couple lived to 71 and 73 and had kid number six when they were in their late 50 s! Hope this helped x
By kkkkkkkkk
Well I think all the answers helped but for the record this game is very strange and honestly I'm not sure that you can really tell when they will die mine was depressed and I kept on checking back she is 59 and it really just depends on your little person...
By sonnet luby
Most of the time they live to be 60 or in their 60's if they are extremely weak they might live to be in their 50's
By heywasup
I sent my oldest girl off when she was 5. She got an offer to be an actor somewhere. And it paid her family 500 coins. Does she ever come back?
By lackincrackers
On my 4 th family my girl wizzy died and then they had bijou and tux
By isaacophelia
I had to reastart my family when I rebooted my iPod. I m on my tenth family
By mags
All my parents have died in their 50s never got past 54 yet the son was only 9 when the mother died dnt know y they cant stay on with th new generation
By breana47
Parents live to abiut 60 then the pass away
By epie
will someone PLZ! tell me how long people stay in collage

i don't think i can wait any longer
By angry epie
OMG ro (mom) died it told me to start a new greoration so.............

YAY MY NEW GENERATION (cry) D: :'( :'( :'( D:
By angry epie
i mean he just diapered D: D: D: D: D: D:
By ananomous
I know my mom died at 68 :,(
By awesome
Love this game!!!!!!
By me
I people had a hard time having kids but then when they were like 47 and 49 they they had triplets!
By thelunahasspoken
I love this game but its really creepy how if you just let them watch tv they'll keep turning back and staring right at you, its like they see you, and think of you as God. So I feel bad letting them get really sick for the achievement XD.
By by .......
Oh no
By sad
My is going to die today because he is 58 aaahhhhhhhhhhh??
By happy
She never died yayyyyyy Im really happy I thaout that he was going to die today

I'm the one who's sad!
By i'm happy
Love this game
By pony
My peeps r both 60 rite now... Probs going to die today
By wtf
When I had kids she was like 267 oops I meant 27 I'm lazy to erase :3
By wtf
My people are 51(mom) and 52(dad) I know this is weird but I WANT THE DAD TO DIE haha my twins went to college their names are Diskett and Pasta never heard of those names
By wtf
Oops didn't mean pasta I meant Asta
By cici mici
Hi I had a male named Akhi and a female named Camden . They have four children two of them twins. The twins were 17 when they died and were there to see the death. 1 of them is weak but is eating and bathing fine . She even started doing excersice .The other is not so happy. She won't eat and even when I buy groceries she just goes away . I don't know why but I guess some people are closer to others OH WELL
By virtual villagers
It's better to have children at the early stages of there life because gradually when they get older it's harder to have children
There pretty young for the amount of children they had as a i had them when they were 23 and 25.
as my
By yay
I agree the older the people the harder to have children. Since my second generation father passed which had low income as a caterer and mother (Asta ) was a low income fiction writer is 55 and very weak I don't want to leave the next-generation with a petty 734. The father was only 58.
By yay
Oh fix that my money is 534
By your secret helper
2 make ur ppl be addicted to working u have to first make the do workin on career then give them the green had three times the third time they will run away cuz ur nagging them. After they run pick em up nd put them back on their job 10 times. Then buy them candy. Do this 2 more times. Then they will be a workaholic unless u stop them. Even then theyll go crawling back back 2 work, bu4 if it gets too serious and theyd rather work then eat sleep and clean themselves ypu have to give em the red glove hope I helped ask me questions if you have any!
By ed up
the creator of the virtual families 2 is a fool. He want us to be an addict but later on we start a new generation which is not good and unfair I was expecting that they will remain in house and create there own family. duhh!! disappointed. My peps had 6 children, they are triplets and the elder. name diskett, fate, giga and excel the junior of excel the husband of
By lol
I only have 117 money and I still don't worry.
By anon
My "parents" are both 57 and M...]I have $84,340 :). It's my second gen., but ...]when I get to my next generati...]
By anon
My "parents" are both 57 and Masters of their jobs. They have two dogs, a puppy, a kitten, three kids (two are at college and one is in boarding school. He's adopted btw).

I have $84,340 :). It's my second gen., but I kept praising them and making them work. It's a gold mine!!

So now, when I get to my next generation I can afford both of the third gen. renovations and furniture for both rooms!
By need help
how do u hav twins with
out baby boost
By awesome actress
My kid just died at the age 13. What happened?
By awesome actress
I just checked my other game and everyone died
By rachel
Your parents can die at any age. The parents normally live to around 60 years or so if they are always praised to keep them happy, medicated when sick, and healthy. I know , I know , you may be upset that your parent is going to die:( You can try to prevent this though it doesn't work for some people, but here is what to try:
Give them a prescription based on doctor consultation reports sent after you buy and use the stethoscope on dying parent
Give them baby boost
Feed them praise candy and fruit
Then all you have to do is hope they live
Back to when they die, your parents have a better chance of dying young if you don't help them when their ill , schold them with nasty candy often, and keep them healthy.
Hope this was helpful:)
By anonymousperson
I had a couple who died at 54, and their health was OK. Then I had a 11 year old die, with only one more living kid, who died at 25. What is happening?
By idk what alias means
My father is about to die from illness and non of kids have been to collage. Maybe by the time he dies the oldest kid (out of three) will be in collage. Does that mean I have to chose her? I know that I don't have to change the generation because the mom is still alive but I am ready to get to the next generation and have more babies lol
By turtle bug
I've been wondering when the parents die
Like the dad is 46 and the mom is 45 the kid is 17 but I'm wanting to know when will they die like ever
By turtle bug
Also why won't the parents make more kids like they only made one kid
By turtle bugs friend
The parents die when they die cuz mine
Are 50 and 51 and the 17 year old went to collage and now I'm just waiting till they die and wait till collage boy comes back and watch the dog walk around its pretty boring
By turtle bugs friend
Earlier this week the dad died he Dad of the age 54
The dad was only 46 the day before he died I was happy
By a&s are bffs
How do you make them have triplets?I don't know
Why but I have been dieing to have triplets.maybe
Its because I have only had twins and singles.
By emma-rose daphne
I think they live up to 60 or so. You may resurrect them if you did not see the spirit wave goodbye. Pause the game. And whatever else I forgot :P
By ...
Wow...My 1st generation had 3boys Twin girls and another girl...I started my 2nd Generation With one of the twins she got married and had triplets who were all girls straight away i didn't even give her a baby boost! Then she had another girl and two boys who have now all moved out...Shes currently 61 (verona) And her husband (pieretto) is 58! 3rd generation here i come!! I also have quite a lot of money consindering i haven't used the time cheat half the house is already done!
By ...
Longest my virtual families characters have ever lived for was 71 ! A girl called Bonny in my first generation :)
By xxgabzangelxx
My parents are in there late 40s I have two kids one in college and one 13
By virtual families 2
One of my parents died, and instead of a ghost being on the bed, they were on the couch. Does that mean anything?
By chall2002
Here's some tips about dying
*I heard that you can use a doctor consultation due to dying of illness why don't you try
*They die in their late 50s or early 60s
*The kids for the next generation don't have to be in college!
*Adopting after parent dies with no kids will still get that person remarried.
By kia
So if my person is 62 will she die soon??
By i don't care
My 1st gen. mother (Java) died of illness when she was 40. The son (Tetto), 15, starved and the older daughter (City), 9, died of illness at the same time. :-( The husband (Crisone), 39 wasleft to raise the younger daughter (Katola), 3. She married Unix, and they both lived to be 62. The 2nd child, Saphie, married Bingory, and lived to be 61 and Bingory moved out at 58. The oldest, Rosola, married Francico. Francico died at 63, and Rosola lived to be 69 (that sounds so wrong). The youngest, Brenesse, married Pierozo, and is now 32. Pierozo is 33. They have two sons, Yuri and Gregono, who are 6 and 2 respectively, and triplet daughters, Adrianna and I forget the names of the other two, who are 3.
By grace
how do you make the parents alive again?
By gg
I Went on to the 2 generation and the parents were 65ish and they had something like $100 and the son who I chose to continue the family had $957 so I guess you don't get the money from the adults that died...
By tati0125
I had one of my little peeps die at the age of 82. It usually doesn't matter how healthy they are, because he was elated, healthy, and fed and yet he still died right in front of me. It was comforting that I was there his last minutes lol.
By daphne
I was wondering if the two parents die and you still have the kids can u marry and still have the kids your parents had on virtual families
By daphne
I was also wondering can your parents still die if you have no bed or couch
By cancersurvivor
A three year old just came to my door so I adopted him but my people are 58 and 59 so are they going to die and I shy sin going to live alone?? Please answer me :)
By ahtilat
My parents just tried to make a baby at 57 (both) ... never too old to try, I think they just enjoy the practice - waiting for them to die now...
By lollipop
My family had a baby when they were both in their late fifties, so I think the game just doesn't have an age limit for babies...
By boomchickensoup
i had triplets at age 22 names were pixel and logozo then they had a son then a next son then a daughter she is nursing a baby girl so six kids on forth generation waiting for them to go to college so i can fast forward this thing if u have any questions i can answer
By kailee
My mum and dad lasted 2 years and the kid is now 38

By kailee
Does any one know how to avoid people dying

By heyo
No matter how young your kids, when the parents die you can still have them start the next generation
By daniquetori
Parents died, now i have two kids walking around in my house, i guess they dont get older than 18 xD
By jazz
Can they die without a bed or anything to sit on??
By bay
Oh my gosh I feel so bad! All four of my kids are in college and my parents are in their late 50s and I just want to start a new generation! However I dont want them to die. :'^(
By tw
Well My People Need To Hurry Up And Die.
By lexissinopilo144
To get a lot of money just open the game then close it then set the date to 2 years back then open the game back then use one of the person to take out the trash then the other to cook a meal then once that's done close the game set the time and date back to its original and open it then your money will change I am 99.9999999% it will work ??
By depression
Somehow my parents had 8 kids? Anyway they were really close until the dad dies and the mum wouldn't even speak to them it or come to dinner. At the oldest was 16 with the youngest 3. The 3 year old keeps getting ill with colds and the doctor keeps saying it will. Also the mum won't do anything but work and the therapist isn't working. Once she came out and the childrens actions were all confused. Whenever she sends me an email its always about how much she hates the kids. It brakes my heart.
By familyguy
I had a family the dad died at age 57and my family was in grief And the family never cheered up
By boom boom jr
boom boom
By kenny1026
If they don't have any type of sickness, they usually die between the ages of 50-60. But the ages may vary depending on the person. If they do have a sickness they could die at any age.

Tip: To avoid certain sicknesses, if you ever see that one of your people's status says "a bit sick" take care of it. Follow them around until you see if they start coughing, sneezing, have the hiccups, or they are itchy. When you see one of these, buy medication that could cure this. Give it to the person and see if it helps. If they shake their head, buy other medication or buy the doctor.
(Their is no cure for hiccups)
By grac
They live till their early sixties, and the latest they can die is 70, at MOST.
If they're not well, they could die in their late 50s even.
I saw a post where someone took away all their beds and couches because she was so desperate for them to live xD
By styx
If your person has hiccups then just drag them to the kitchen sink where they get a drink and their hiccups are cured.
By omlette
I'm on my third generation and the parents tend to die around 60 or 58. Good luck with your family!
By darkocean
Mine lived to 57 ans 58 (first generation).) Don't send a kid to boarding school you won't see them again until the parents die! I missed her, lol. Also, having 6 kids (a kid gt left at the doorstep when I had 5 kids and the parents were the age stated above.) They died a few hours later, I was so mad! Bad time to give a kid, lol.
By watti
An average human person lives to late 80's early 90's and Mabye Evan 100!
If your family is lying on a bed but there spirits havnt died yet quickly double tap the home button and remove them from recently played. Than, skip back time a day or so, cure all there deiseses and make sure they have enough food than, delete it from recently played apps and set the time to the actual date ( a day or so forwards) than open the app again and they should be fine ????
By lu
My parents on virtual families 2 lived to 52
By tiptoes
Why am I only getting girls.Im on my 2nd generation and all they have are girls.its getting REALLY annoying
By monika
Dont use time cheat to earn money. you will stop getting emails and marriage proposal. and game will get boring
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