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I'm Stuck, may have to restart :(

By angyll
So I'm on Mt. Orion, I went to talk to the Giant, or whatever he is, and I saved. Well now I have no supplies and Rhen is dead. I can't get out of the caves. I'm bypassed several monsters, however at one of the bridges there are two of those cave spirits, so I can't get past them. Anyone happen to know any cheats or something to get by? Or am I just gonna have to restart?
By smayragrace
Have played this Game many time But never has to face this type of problem so don't know about it..I am now thinking that I may has to face this type of trouble so if you get any Idea about its solution then please tell me...
By sky
This is the EXACT same thing that happened to me. No matter how many times I try to get past all those monsters I always die. I've tried various different ways of beating them but it never works. Unfortunately, you're probably going to have to restart like i'm about to do. :( (SO FRUSTERATING!!! x________x)
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