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Here's a tip for completing the fin...

Here's a tip for completing the final casual level ($50,000,000 + 105 appeal) in 13 mins, 40 sec. Start the level by researching the "Modern" home then build one. While it's building, research the "Recycle Center" and order 500 more resources, then build the recycle center and sell your Modern home. Now you can order more resources for cheap. Do so, and build another modern home, and research the "Workshop". Build the workshop and sell your 2nd modern home. Build and sell a 3rd modern home, buy 3 more workers, turn on the workshop's "Efficiency Training" to make your workers faster.

Now research and build the "Palace" home on every remaining property. Make sure to upgrade them each to 3 stars, and inspect them. Once you've built Palaces on every single lot besides your workshop and recycling center, buy up about 15,000 resources and destroy your recycling center. Research and build a garden center in its place, and go landscape each palace.

By now you should have 18 palaces with 3 stars, landscaped, and inspected. You should also have a garden center and a workshop. You should also have around $13 - $15 million and at least +170 appeal. Start selling your palaces one at a time (overlapping by one) and destroy your garden center. Build another palace in its place and upgrade to 3 stars whilst you sell each remaining palace. In the end, you should time it right to sell your final palace for $1.5 - $1.7 million and exceed $50 million.

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