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Help!? I cannot get into the schoo...


I cannot get into the school basement. The door to the basement has the temperature 450 with arrow pointing down above the number and an arrow pointing right to the left of the number.

The temperature in the Toy Store is set to 450 degrees. This shows me the stove pattern as two and middle holes as open.

When I return to the School house basement and repeat this patter the door will not open. I have tried this for the old lady and the young one and tried reversing the patter and all the other patterns on the stove for both the young and the old to no avail.

What am I missing?

Thank you

By [email protected]
Hi, I was wondering, did you ever get an answer to open the door to the school bassement. i got through it once, but it's been awhile, and i forgot how i did it. If you were able to get through, could you please let me know how.
[email protected]
By luvmysteries
I got in by 600 degrees which is carved in the door w/arrows go back to the stove and crank it up to 600, look at what burners are on and thats what you need to open the doors to the school basement.
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