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Actually, this game is full of bugs...

Actually, this game is full of bugs!
1: It usually flips when Norton antivirus begins an automatic update. Must be a disagreement whtith flash player.
2: Sometimes the player figure gets stuck whith a horse!!!
3: When a winning player gets moved to another table, his hand is not shown.
4: Some houses are very tricky to buy, the cursor slips...
5: Sometimes a player turns into a flickerin ghost.
6: Background music can`t be turned off. It always comes back...
7: Selecting British english doesn`t work either, You here "hunerd" etc.
8: The Governor in the last frame doesn`t get away when he loses, he ramains sitting and steaming. Then a new player sits into him, the Governor finally leaves and the new player continues steaming.
9: Pausing the game for thinking is lousy. The cards get covered whith the text: Game paused
And so on...

By hank
how do you get a hose
By jj
Governor of Poker 2, is just as bad
By governor ted
Once I've won all the houses and a horse and click on second town no houses show up and I am wandering around. Why are they invisible?
By hose1
I own all the houses in the first town as governor Ted stated upon entering the next town it's all white no houses and no one with the explanation above their head indicating there is a poker game around, nor is the spade on the top left lit up. How can I proceed to find the next poker game so I can advance and play? Does it require a certain domination of cash (large bank roll) to advance? the cheat and help forum does not HELP
By hose1
I attempted to play this again, I won all the houses in the first town got a horse went to the 2nd town and it says there are no more poker games in san Saba to play, click the next day and a new poker game will become available in the new town...this is bogus and nothing happens the guy there standing doesn't have a ! mark above it's head so how do you proceed??? this stinks
By thebluffer
everything was good until one day i cant proceed to the next day for a new poker challenge.. when i hit the next day button, the background will fade into a blue without the statistics like how much u earned for that day.. no matter how long i wait, i seem to be stuck and the only way i could get out of it is to go to the map interface so i could choose a town to go. even when clicking on other towns, the day remains the same. i cant go any further im stuck with day 35 and im yet to win the towns.. i dont wanna start over because ive endured so much already getting here.. i hated it when AI opponents just fold cards when i get to have a strong hand its just unfair it seems like the AI recognizes my cards..
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