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1 how to break boar curse 2 how to...

1 how to break boar curse
2 how to uncurse ejindro
3 i gave the statue to the thives, how do i get it back to give to squirrels
4 how to get elephant garlic
5 where to get sacred ash for leyvro lamp
6 how to get dreamers tear
7 how to melt the ice on the beanstalk,plzzzzz help

By bunnyhi
2: Give the Statue of Lionel to the Elves back to the elves. In return he will give you the skeleton key.

3: I wouldn't recommend giving the statue to the squirrels. You can't uncurse Ejindro if you do give the statue to the squirrels. You can get the statue back from Pirates located in Veniara Islands.

4: After getting the shovel, the Elephant garlic is in a grave west of the sign between Ghed'ahre and Witchwood.

5: After giving the elephant garlic to the two vampire watch the event that happens and take the ashes.

7: You need a torch found in a home in Thais. You must find glowberries to give to the man. In return, he gives you the torch. Glowberries are found in Dreamland.

Hope this Helped! I haven't finished the game so I don't know all the answers.
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