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there are three creepy eyes #1 c...

there are three creepy eyes

#1 can only be reached by using the ladder found on the right side of the porch. when you get the ladder, click and drag it to use it on the front of the house. climb up and there is an eye in the enst on the roof.

#2 is in the garden that is to the right of the house. you have to find hidden items and the creepy eye will be your "reward" so-to-speak for that.

#3 is in the floor boards of the porch. after breaking open the window to the house, you will find a crobar under the chair to your left. pick that up and go back to the front of the house. facing the door, click to the left. when you get there, under the window that will be on the right of the screen, if you click you can find that there is a loose floor board. use the crobar on the board and there is where you will find your third and final creepy eye.

By aki
where is the third creepy eye?
By smart alec
Great answer!
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