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Level 43: Cliffhanger 1. Click on...

Level 43:
1. Click on the red block at the bottom near the bombs.
2. Click on the four white blocks in the middle, then on either red bomb.
3. Click on the cer of green blocks, then on the blue blocks in the middle.
4. Click on the white blocks, then on the remaining three blue blocks.

By ashley cabrera
can anyone hepl me on level 81, ive been stuck on that for 2 days already and im getting sick of it. can anyone please hepl... but dont give me that flower or star thing. i dont know what it means. but please help...
By 75
I need help with level 92. the solution at teh top is wrong. can anyone help???
By hi
i need help in level 83
By aimee
i need help with the one before 78
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