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"Left Door Puzzle 6. there is not s...

"Left Door Puzzle
6. there is not set solution for this puzzle, you just have to keep playing with the levers, do right, then left, etc. until they start to line up."

That's not true! Pull the levers in the following order to solve the puzzle: Right, left, right, left, right, left, right.

By led2write
Are U speaking of the left door in the parlor/ living room? -- I think goes to the kitchen -- I found all three eyes & have now spent days clicking the levers w/o success.
When you say right, left etc to you mean clock-wise & anti-clockwise? I tried that w/o success -- another clue?
And Now that I've been messing with the levers, will that affect the results?
By smart alec
By ts
I can't get the levers to move at all, what am i missing
By shaz
Getting fed up now , have tried what's been written and still doesn't work :(
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