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how do you use the bottled weather?...

how do you use the bottled weather? i have one of each but they dont seem to be working

By funfunfun
Click on one of your adults with the bottle (like you're praising them but with the bottle)
They will go outside and then the weather will come. Yay!
By meme
I heard it has to be past 6pm for it to work, don't know if this is true or not.
By periwinkleheadz
I am using it after 6 am!!! And 6 pm!!! Not helping a lot!!
By periwinkleheadz
Hey!! It's actually working!!! I deployed snow in a bottle, and I thought it was useless after five more minutes of waiting. Then I came back- Wow!! It was snowing!!! Woohoo!! I guess you deploy it then go off and get back on and that's the weather. SWEET!!!
By pvz2
The bottled rain makes the rare bugs come out. Not sure what the sunshine is for.
By tapdatmonkey
Sunshine only stops the rain and brings back the sun.
By 24fgenerationstodate
Select your purchased weather bottle and then touch a family member. The family member selected cannot be touched until they are finished deploying the desired weather or the weather bottle won't work. Doesn't matter what time or who you select the weather item will work. I drag my family member near the upper right of the backyard and then give them the bottle. This is near the deployment spot your family walks to when deploying weather.Speeds up the process by dragging them to the spot.
By 24fgenerationstodate
Closing out of the game and then going back in will change the weather too. I use bottled weather only if I don't feel like closing the game out. I would change my country location for the game if my location didn't have snow then change the date to a winter month. Free snow! Don't forget to change your phone settings back to original settings. Within the menu there is a settings option, of the game, you can change day to night anytime. Some days are just gloomy and appear to be night, deploy weather or close out of the game and go back in and your weather has changed. Enjoy!
By 24fgenerationstodate
Serious collectors use bottled weather. If you want to dig for fossils I don't think you would want to use the snow. Rain for bug and fossil collecting. Snow for ornament collecting. Fog for leaf and nut collecting. Sunshine for bottle cap collecting. These patterns are what I have observed but, appears random. The items come and go so quick you have to constantly scan as to not miss any new items. When choosing from multiple items, I choose digging first or use multiple family members but, you have to be quick. Whatever you are collecting once your family member stands up after picking the item up, you can drag them to the next item. No walking to add items to your collection.
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