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I am really bad at puzzles so i am ...

I am really bad at puzzles so i am stuck at the the 1st puzzle at the keep tower

By lemondrop
I'm not exactly sure which puzzle you're referring to. Hope this answers your question.
You can't enter the tower, you have to enter through the sewer grate on the left of the tower.
Any switch you run across in the sewer should be in the down position.
If you're referring to the boulder, go to the top of the stairs and push the boulder down. Don't push it all the way down the stairs.
Then push the boulder to the left onto the large floor tile in the alcove. Should you make a mistake, exit the sewer, the boulder and switches will reset and you can try again. You can exit the sewer through one of the emergency exits/stars on the floor.
By nowanda
how do u get the chest that is locked in the sewer in the keep tower (the one with the rats)?
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