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Can someone please help, I'm stuck....

Can someone please help, I'm stuck. I can't seem to get to any city except the central ones (Thais, Stormbend kingdom, Witchwood, and Dwarven kingdom). Does anyone have a walkthrough or that could just help me find my way into another city?

By lemondrop
Do you know which city you're trying to get to? Some of the cities on the World Map aren't available in Lord of Twilight, they might be available in the next chapter of the game, Gates of Night, due to be released in July or August of 2009.

Sounds like you've reached all the cities you can in Lord of Twilight by your list. You can't reach any of the islands in this game, except the ones in Sinoa Plains w/the canoe.

Have you reached Aveyond, Istir Forest, and the Catacombs?
By girliegamer
What about Naylith? We have to get there in one part of the game. thats where I'm stuck.
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