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Fireplace puzzle - I've got the sun...

Fireplace puzzle - I've got the sun and moon symbols in the appropriate hands and the sun and moon from the inventory in the middle - when I pull down the lever at the top - nothing happens - can't get the fireplace to open up - any suggestions?

By mary
i dont speak english well but look in the book there you will see wich symbol you have to put with the moon and with the sun...

if you have alrady complete this or when you get her plz

i cant find the maches and i have miss one of the typewriting key.(the letter V).. i someone could help me... i havent be able to move on, i cant type VICTOR to open the 3t door and i imagine de matches are there... plzzzzzz help me
By savvy08
the v key in on the front of the mansion in the glittering star puzzle on the door. The matches are on the well puzzle inside the toy store. You must complete the door puzzle to get the matches
By sue
I found the moon piece for the middle, but can't find the sun. How do I get through this puzzle?
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