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I sell the Canary Fire-arrow for $3...

I sell the Canary Fire-arrow for $375 .. with no problem..This is my major money maker. I sell the Speckled leaffish for $100 and Greenfin Spontaneous for $100 easily.

By just me!! =-]
What does the crimson comet sell 4??

By unknown_reader
I am not sure if I am remembering correctly, but I think I sell it for $80. I tend to lean towards the conservative a bit though ;)

I have sold it for $175
By boeboe
sold canary fire arrow for 399. It sells like "peanuts"

By eru weller
these are my highest price for magic fish that i've discovered...

Greenfin Spotanus: 120
Crimson Comet: 175
Oriental Goldbulb: 175
Wasp Grouper: 235
Orange Snooper: 205
Canary Fire-Arrow: 475

i'd try to raise up the price [even by 1 buck], no one buys it. i think these are the max price.
By letsrok713
I sell my Canary Fire-Arrow for $450.00. No problem
By don
Canary fire arrow 475 Crimson Comet 175
By sagespyder
I have 4 of the magic fish

Crimson Comet
GreenFin Beta
Speackled Leaffish
Canary Fire Arrow

All on the internet version, hatched the Greenfin, and at this momment I have $31,285.

I buy the basic eggs cause I can't buy the other ones and i grow them up fast. I never sell any of my fish for less than 150..

But i have level 3 of everything, food, tank, and advertising.. I can sell my Comet and Fire Arrows for $700 a piece and that was wat back in the beginning when i had level 2 tank.

I just need help findin the other 3 lines so i can breed them..

In a different game i bred the wasp grouper but that game was lost and i didn't get to write the parental genes for it..
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