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I think I found a bug, but I'm not ...

I think I found a bug, but I'm not sure. I can't give King Lionel to the elves. I have the statuette, but it won't let me. There is an elf that is on the bottom level of the trees, but I can't get to him because there isn't a door or a bridge. Is it a bug, or is it meant to be like that and I have to find some other way to get to him, or am I trying to give it to the wrong elves??? Please, someone help me!

By kristo450
Did you try to do that? You need to go into oldroot well and go north west from the entrance, you'll see an hole enter it climb the ladder, enter the house and you'll see an elf with green hairs, talk to him then press space face to the throne and there you go
By brycej
If you ever encounter a bug... the game developer site isn't too hard to find: www.aveyond.com :)

I'm sure they'd be interested in hearing from you :)
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