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Any tips for level 31 would be appr...

Any tips for level 31 would be appreciated.

By ginar
I built a dormer. After i build it i start a workshop. while i am building the workshop i sell the dormer. that gives you enough cash to effeciency train your worker, buy two more workers and have enough cash to buy materials for the sawmill and for hacienda's. Buy up what you can and build new house fast. I usually try to put the workshop, sawmill, and services on the same row so there is no drag on the appeal of any of my houses just the overall neighborhood. stick a landmark, on the row with the workshop, and the other two in between a couple of houses. after you have about a million start selling the houses one every rent cycle. and you should have it.

good luck.

By txvixen
Thanks! It worked like a charm!
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