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If anyone can figure out how to ach...

If anyone can figure out how to achieve 12 million cash in level 39, with 16 painted chalets, let me know what you did please?

By ginar
I have tried every way I can think of. I still can't beat it. Have you figured out the last level for expert yet? I get within about 10 seconds and then expert is gone.
By ginar
I have built Chateaus on 14 lots maxed out the upgrades painted them for maximun rent waited until I have about 5 million and then started demolishing them and replacing them with chalets. I maxed out the upgrades on both houses. By the time I get to demolishing the sawmill and workshop I have lost expert level. But if you are just looking to finish the level, build a dormer sell it and wait a few seconds. lots will come up for sale. build a workshop, effeciency train buy another lot build a saw mill. Then on the very next lot build a chateau. Don't forget to buy the needed workers while you are waiting for the lots to up for sale. you should get it finished in the yellow but it will be done.

Good Luck!
By spig
Forget about chalets at the start of the level. Buy up everything as quickly as possible without selling much (you'll only have to buy it back later) Fill the screen with chateaus and 5 or 6 banks with the upgrade. At this point interest accrues very quickly when you've got around 6 mill demolish all the chateaus and build more banks. At 10 mill. demolish banks and build chalets. Obviously you need to keep your upgraded workshop throughout in order to inspect the 15 chalets, then demolish it and build the last one. Time is very tight for expert but it can be done, it's all about timing when to demolish chateaus for banks and banks for chalets, it'll take a few goes to determine exactly when. In all honesty I've only got expert a couple of times without having to replay the level 3 or 4 times, but using the above formula you can guarantee a high yellow.
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