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HELP All my fish keep dying and I ...


All my fish keep dying and I can't breed and new ones. I only have
Silky Spon.
Greenfin beta
Twin fin fatfish
Twin fin stick fish
Orange fruitfish
Orange fat fish
Silky shark

i'm on da we version

what do i do?

By andy
Breed the twin fin fatfish and the orange fruitfish.
You'll get the speckled goldshark,the starting price for this fish is $33,but it will sell for $40

just keep breeding the two and you will get money

hope this helps : )
By :)
if your fish keep dying it means that they're too rare. go to the supplies and buy the fish enviornment research. that will help rarer fish to live.
By help is on the way
sell them and buy new eggs or they are probably in the wrong tank they need. maybe they are hungry or sick try checking there health.
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