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hey everyone!if you need some help ...

hey everyone!if you need some help about the snow queen battle(the last battle is maybe hard but for me is NOT hard!)i almost forgot!the quickest way is this:WARNING:if your feeling lucky do this get ean use snort but,make sure that he has enough mp,and have lya cast the most powerful spells NOTE:even you have the most ultimate weapons they will only give the snow queen 1hit points dont use those just have magical equipments like the white ring its heals one party member WARNING:the blizzard ring gives the snow queen more hp so if you have that just sell it!of course!have nicolas heal the party,have 30 aquilifom for ean and lya even nicolas if your NOT feeling lucky and if you have not level enough lavel up some more!and to what i say!
it will only take 3 hours!

good luck!^_^

By nothing
I've gotten to the snow queen but I couldn't beet her... well... I could have but I didn't have the time to do it. Some people have said that there is another battle after the snow queen, but some say that she is the last battle, which is correct?
By girl
After the snow queen is a wicked nymph.
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