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I was reading through the guide and...

I was reading through the guide and came across the mini stories, or whatever you want to call them, and I noticed for the "Star" one that part of the info is missing because whoever made the guide didn't know it. But, since I did that story and know the answer that was given to me for it, I figured I would share it with you all.

"The Shooting Star
Little Kutu is lying on the beach one knight and notices a shooting star streak across the sky. "Oh my!" he gasps. "What can this mean? Should I get the others? Should I keep watching in case it happens again?" Tell the others - (not sure) Stay and watch - research skills gained (It turned my child into an adept scientist! - Lara)"

-- Tell the Others - (not sure)
When I told the others about the shooting star, the villagers told my little girl not to worry and that a shooting star was good luck (or something of the like) and that you can make wishes on them. So my little girl made a wish for food and the food bin went up in food.
Unfortunately I can't remember how much it went up, but it sure was helpful at that point in time!

By lucy
Thank you! Yeah, I chose "stay and watch" instead so I had no idea what happened with the other choice. Thanks for filling in that blank! =)
By debs
I did tell the others, the food went up by about 250.
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