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I ran out of food. The Chief alrea...

I ran out of food. The Chief already created more food, and 24 hours have not yet passed, and the food is already depleted. Where else can I get more food??

By surreal reality
There are a few places to get food, depending on what you have done in the game and the like.
Most common, and easiest, is the honey over by the pile of wood.
Then there is the seeds for the trees. You get the first seed by the machine and once the machine is fixed you stand on it so when it rains you can get another seed. You can't get the last seed until it rains again.
Also, after you have collected all three seeds and have planted them, when you ride the machine again when it rains you collect a piece of food. It helps a little (gives you 4 points in food) but it doesn't do much if your people are starving.
And then, of course, there is the fishing. But you have to get rid of the sharks before you can do that.
Good luck.
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