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I keep trying to get my chief 2 pic...

I keep trying to get my chief 2 pick up the pearl and it says the villager lacks the skill to finish this project what do I do....this is for the pearl that appears after u finish the statue....I've had the master builder shape it and now its just sitting there

By lucy
Hmmm... that's odd. The chief is the only one who can pick it up.
If your chief a child?
By kimbobb1018
I had to have a master builder run the pearl under the waterfall again, then have the chief take it to the clam!
By eldrick medlar
Actually after master builder you need a master tech. to polish it. Then have the chief take it to the clam to exchange it for the last key to the door
By nyliira
After the master builder takes it to the falls, a master scientist finishes it, then the Chief can take it to get the black pear.
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