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I've finished all the puzzles and b...

I've finished all the puzzles and bought all of the tech that I can - am basically at the end of the game. But I STILL havent finished a collection! I have 1 missing each in the turtle shels, the feathers and the stone tablet and 2 missing sea shels. Has anyone ever finished a collection and if so - what happens? I'm wondering if I should continue to monitor the game to try to finish the collections or start again ;)

By lucy
I managed to finish one collection. I know you get rewarded for it but for the life of me, I can't remember what the reward was (but it was either Tech of increased skills)
By jean
In the magic faction you get to have an additional 5 villagers for each collection; although, I have never found the last uncommon tablet piece.
By jeem
not good
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