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why is it even when I got all three...

why is it even when I got all three trees still my villagers dont have enough food so how do I maintain the food

By lucy
I had the same problem. It was very "touch & go" there for a while. Basically, my orchard would produce ~just~ enough food for them not to starve but I had to keep putting people back on their tasks or all they would do is "worry about food."
All you can do is keep the population low and work on getting the tech points you need to tame the sharks.
Go to the guide section and highlight the Shark puzzle text to see which potion you need to make.

Good luck! =)
By omi6
there is a glitch in the game,if it is on hard you get 350 food,but on easy you get nothing,so put the game on hard setting first when you start up get the food,than set it on easy. Plant your seed right away and get the kids to look for mushrooms and the villager to harvest the honey. I try to start the game with one person a runner as farmer that is easier and dont worry too much about scientists. The kids can find enough collectables to get the tech points going.Put 2 kids at one time on the collectables to get points faster.Some ss and feathers are more than 100 points each, so the tech points add up fast.I train 3 villagers as builders first to get to advanced stage and 7000 tech points to repair the lift,so when it rains I can get one to stand on the lift and wait till the bucket fills up and a seed falls down, plant them straight away. I keep the game on fast as it takes way too long to get those trees growing. hopes that helps
By dj
Once you have bought level 2 of Magic or Nature (witchever you chose) then, you can create a magic potion to get rid of the sharks then, you get unlimited fishing.
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