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when the coffee beans come up there...

when the coffee beans come up there's an alternate from the choices outlined on this site. the one i got talkes about "cooked" beans and gives you the choice of using it as a dye or doing something else with it. i used it as a dye and my villager who "found" it now has dark brown clothes. I kinda like it, they look much cuter on him than what he had. I do miss the clothing hut from VV2 especially with the babies that look just like the adults and are wearing the same things.

By lucy
Patience Grasshopper... All will reveal itself in time. =)
By kellyswoman
Virtual Villagers 3 also has a clothing hut that you can build after the two other huts have been built. You will be given a site high left of the fire where it will be built.
By xd
the huts are already built but the site ur saying doesnt seems to appear..
By sjr
Hi, slightly unrelated topic, but only one I could find. Anyone have an idea how to get the Chief to educate the children? I've tried dropping them onto each other etc, putting them all on the ampithetre (?) etc, all he does is lecture the whole tribe. I have a level 2 Chief, but do I need to do anything else?
Thanks in advance.
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