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to use the lift it has to rain Wea...

to use the lift it has to rain

Weather Dancing is technically the 5th puzzle. Based on my experience, I recommend completing it out of order. You need to purchase Leadership level 2 to complete this and have 3 adept farmers. Drag your Chief on the fire and then drag 3 adept farmers on the fire. All 4 villagers will dance and learn they can control the weather.

The Lift is puzzle 6, but I recommend doing this before Weather Dancing. Even aggressively racking up tech points, you'll have to choose between upgrading Leadership and Restoration. You can complete more puzzles more quickly by upgrading Restoration first. For The Lift you need Restoration Level 2 and 3 adept builders to work on the "Strange Machine" in the dirt area. Drag the builders on the machine and they will repair it.

By kitkat208
Once you get the lift fixed drag a villager to the lift and make sure it saying 'standing on the lift' they will stay there for a while, do this when you hear thunder or right after you start the weather dancing. The bucket fills with water and takes the person up.
By sunflower19
I started 3 or 4 villages and tried different things on each one. I learned that you do not need to do the Weather Dancing puzzle to do the Lift puzzle - unless it doesn't rain for a long long time. I was able to build the Lift and get one seed during the same natural-occurring rain storm. I was glad of this, because it meant I could use my tech points for something other than Leadership at this early part of the game.
By cerbius
It's possible to do the lift without solving the rain dance. Having my orchard seriuosly helped feed my villagers. You need three builders to fix it.
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