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Can anyone help me find the spear, ...

Can anyone help me find the spear, please? Someone said it was at the bottom right of the map, but I still don't see it. ty

By gerda
Because it's the bottom LEFT. Under the bath...

By lucy
Whoops! That's b/c it turns out that the pieces to the Alchemy puzzle are placed RANDOMLY!

Sorry.... but it really could be anywhere on your map!

Look near the shrubs though b/c it does look a little like a branch.

Let me know where you find it too!

Good luck! =)
By psych0607
My spear is in between the research area and a rock wall. In the little sandy patch where the cactus is located.
By kitkat208
one of mine was between the lift and the ocean, the other was on the path to the door where the keys go.
By liz4ever
mine was in the middle of the amphitheater
By hrnovak
Any idea what color it is or what it looks like??? I dont see mine either...
By leisah
I can't find the dam spear either. Are there other places it could be?
By cady
Mine was below the bath and in another game it was over in the waterfall area.
By ~g~
I found mine is many different places such as:

- below the bath
- in the pooping area
- in the shrub below the grave yard rock with leafs over it
- in the shrub to the right of the piles of stones
- above the hill next to the blue door
- in the centre of the lift
- in the patch of sand below the Cactus
- at the bottom of the hill next to the fallen statue
- in middle of the amp/stage

These are some of the places I've found the spear in...there are many more places as it is random. If yours is not on this list then sorry I couldn't help...but good luck.
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