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wut is the quickst way 2 beat hepit...

wut is the quickst way 2 beat hepititus?

By dragongirl
actually there is NO quickest way to beat that hepitus but theres a useful tip here it goes:have ean use snort or plauqe and have lya cast aura song if youre an enchantres then have nicolas heal the party and revive the dead characters to the ones who dont have skills just have magical items! like the white ring it heals one party member WARNING:dark magics will not work on hepitus and if she uses earth shield earth magics will not work on hepitus too!have ava use blizzard scrolls and heal the others to be sure to have 30 aqulifoms for ean,lya and nicolas good luck and have fun!:)
By tsumari
I use Ean, Iya, Gavin, and Nicolas. Ean-Just attack and use item to refil mana for needed party. Iya-cast Radiance Song or Eternal Flame. Gavin-cast North Wind. And Nicolas-Cast magic Shield and Heal party members. It takes sometime, but wasn't stessful.
By girl
For me I use this method:
1) Use status alternating skills. If fail repeat.
2) Shields and reviving fallen party members. Iya use either Radiance song or siren song. Ean uses plague on new flames. Ava attack or use items to help out nic from falling.
3) repeat 2
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