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Desperation question: I've been ...

Desperation question:

I've been using Borg's fantastic free Virtual Seed Tray, available on ldwforums.com. (LDW is Plant Tycoon's developer.) The program lets you move seeds out of the game trays and save them by the hundreds, so you never run out of space or have to choose which seeds to save and which to trash.

The two programs can run at the same time, for referencing the breeding charts. But the warnings are true: NEVER move seeds to the VST or run VST's Save Changes command while Plant Tycoon is open!

Well, my brain burped, and as a result, I lost about 270 varieties of plants (and many seeds of each variety - probably 1500+ seeds), and now have to regrow and rebreed them all before I can pick up where I left off with the advanced species.

Someone here knows about editting the hex files for money. Does anyone know how I can cheat and replace my lost inventory? It will take a month or more without cheating!

I don't need the cash cheat, but I'm desperate to mix my mistake.

By the way, anyone needing money in a hurry, and willing to cheat for it:


Discover the Nox Orchid to gain access to higher prices, then discover Fabled Lemonbush which sells for $400 or more. Plant 5 or more in a single planting, and you net more than $2000 for a single crop. There are plenty of spoilers around that show how to breed those and the other Magic Plants.

By tae
Where can I find the "Borg's fantastic free Virtual Seed Tray"??
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