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how do i get the beeswax??

By rhamatuti
to get beeswax you need to go to aveyond and then go south of the teacup till you run into a cave.

The cave isn't too hard to maneuver,but watch out for the shroom.

The first cave is straightforward but the others are not as straightforward.

You will know you are there when there are 3 doors leading to the same room.Go left and follow the path and it should lead you to another area and just keep going around and you'l find it.

Btw before going into the cave bring some smokebombs,otherwise you will get stung and fail to get the wax.
By bluegirl
ehh i cant find the place ... euu mean is in the town or outside?

By dragonqueen
How many smoke bombs do I need to get the beeswax? Will one do? I got 2 because I wasn't sure how many to get.
By sky
You only need to buy one smokebomb to calm the bees.. I bought multiple also just in case. Hope I helped =)
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