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Ok, If I already battled the North ...

Ok, If I already battled the North wind and instead of bringing it to the wind catcher like some of u did. I went with Ean's word and removed the troll for Dolyer's missing tool kit for some smelly shoes or magic shoes. ( i choose Magic shoes), but i'm stuck!!!!! What if i capture the wind and bring it to the wind catcher first? Will that impact the game in any way? Will the wind still be in the ice cavern where it was the first time? Any help will be appreciated. ^_^ thx!

By cobracon
This is the one of the very few choices impacting the whole game you can't get the wind back you have to make a choice
By girl
I would go with smelly shoes if you hate battling. If you want to get a spell then the wind catcher is the way. But I hate fighting so here I come nasty shoes!
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