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does anyone know where the dynamite...

does anyone know where the dynamite is in the shaenlir sewers. i keep going through it and i can't find it anywhere.

By melinda
keep looking-- i was stuck in the sewers for a very long time-- take a look and see if a map is available- i was stuck-a long time!!
By varie
I've used a map and I'm still not finding it. The guide says its in a crate. I've looked in all the crates and still can't find it. Is there some kind of secret crate not on the map?
By varie
Ok, I figured out that the dynamite is supposed to be in the chest with Iya's traveling clothes. However, no matter how many times I go back through trying to escape with Iya, I never seem to get the dynamite. When I open the chest, I only get the traveling clothes. Does anyone know why this is happening or what I need to do? PLEASE HELP!!!!!
By flymommy
How long do you have to wait for the woodsman to die? Do you need to leave and then go back?
By thombaer
just catch the beast and talk to the woodsman, he will die after you take the beast figurine from the beasts lair.
By reallyrandom
umm... is there dynamite in Shanelir sewers? i just got it when rye joined
By ean
Again, no dynamite in the sewers. Get Ryan to join for the first one & then the Woodsman's chest in his cabin... only available after he dies and you take the transfigurine for the beast.
By girl
The dynomite in the sewers is only avalible in the first build.
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