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Where do you get the bottles to cap...

Where do you get the bottles to capture the wind and the glow moths?

By melinda
find the boar a bride, look in bogwood- a witch is looking for a ugly husband!
By johnathon
'bottles'? there is only one bottle in the game but different ways to use it it seams. i could be wrong
By donal
agree with johnathon, it's only a bottle and you can capture ev'thing with it.
By cowboy bebop
who exactly do i talk 2 to find the warthogs be wife? sum1 tell me please

By mistress
YES, there is ONLY 1 BOTTLE in the game. BUT! You get it back after the Northwind Quest OR the Moth Quest (vice-versa).

What I'm trying to say is, you can do both quests (Northwind and Moth) but you can only give/use the Northwind ONCE!
MEANING: either use it to get past the Troll in Dogwart Plains to find Doyle's Taylor's Toolkit OR Obert the Wind Catcher at the top of Mount Siren (part 2).

1. Why can't I capture the moths? -talk to the spider first when you get the bottle.

2. Who's the partner of the warthog in Happily Ever After? -Hilda in Bogwood.

1. Before fighting the Northwind... SAVE!

2. I'd rather give the Northwind to Obert the Wind Catcher, he'll give you the Northwind Spell (dark magic), Gavin would be the 2nd strongest person in the party =) other using it to blow the Troll away and get Taylor's toolkit and giving it to Doyle. The reward will be Magic Shoes (Magic resistance +100) bleh! yuck! that's all? bwahahaha!
By budknox
What happens if you don't talk to the spider first, after you get the bottle, but try and get the moths??
By katy
How to use the North wind spell to blow offf the troll, Gavin knew that spell but nothing happened
By ashawa
where is the dpider u need to talk to
By candy
the spider is in fairy tale forest
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