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someone HELP!!! im in the demon ca...

someone HELP!!!
im in the demon caves.. i have the lamp and i saved right after i got the lamp.. well almost everyone in my party is dead and the only ppl left alive are almost dead. and i have NO items i can use to help me out in any way and theres a monster right outside the door

everytime i leave i have to fight the monster then i die ( of course ) then i start right back in the room with the monster outside that i will have to fight again as soon as i leave


By metalhead
dodge as much demons as possible and save....A LOT. After every demon that you pass save or continue but saving is very important
By brycej
Be patient... most monsters can be avoided if you wait a bit and dodge them.

It can be rather frustrating waiting and dodging them... but give the state of affairs you've stated... that's about where you're at.

You may also want to get the walk through that's available on www.Amaranthia.com so you know what's comming up and don't get in such a spot again ;)
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