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can anyone tell me how to make a ci...

can anyone tell me how to make a citrus reptan? i tried everything and nothing works nor have i had any luck getting ones thru the seeds in the supplies tab

By blue
Out of Tier 1 seeds, impossible. However, use the cheat-o-matic to buy tool upgrades and extinct seeds(Tier 3 and 4 seeds).

Here is a chart you can use to find a Citrus Reptans.

C:\Users\Linh\Do c u m ents\Other\Plant Tycoon\Plant Tycoon Breeding chart.htm
(Without the Spaces)

Usually, I use the Virtual Seed Tray from Borg. You can get the Virtual Seed Tray from this site:

http://www.ldwforums.... a fore note in using this, DO NOT LEAVE THIS ON AT THE SAME TIME AS YOUR PLANT TYCOON and follow all of the directions Borg gives you.

Sometimes, the Virtual Seed Tray gives a breeding solution that takes more effort than it has to. This is when my chart comes in.

Use both wisely.
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