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now i have been trying to get fab...

now i have been trying to get

fabled - lemonbush

now for 3 days. each has ended in a frustrated anger fit.
these are all the seeds i have that are legit (meaning both the plants that made this seed are the same).
someone please work it out.
i have been using these for help.


http://es.geocities.com/lili... is also one more from the forums somewhere with the list in order of each plant and flower and there place of power.
here is the list

Rosaceae – Astera
Citrus – Astera
Four Petal – Astera
Spotted – Astera
Four Petal – Maranta
Fragrant – Maranta
Citrus – Maranta
Blue Star – Maranta
Spotted – Maranta
Blue Star – Ball Cactus
Jalapa – Ball Cactus
Daisy – Pipe Cactus
Nox – Pear Cactus
Spotted – Reptans
Citrus – Reptans
Blue Star – Lemon Bush
Blazing – Orchid
Blue Star – Maple
Rosaceae – Fern
Viola – Maple
Nox – Rare Oak
Mystic – Fan Leaf
Roaceae - Bamboo

By sry
ya sry.

there is a pdf of all the pictures of the flowers and plants

a website that calculates which plant it will be

a chart of which plant you will get and how to get there

and the one on the main page of this forum with the seeds and tiers

i found all of these in the forums somewhere
By p.s.
p.s. explain the moving the clock ahead.
is it on the os or in the game
By taippy
o, in the official forum of Last Day of Work, there are a lot of hints and strategy. There is a master list with the plants in order, that is a great help for to know how to obtein each plant you desire. Scuse me for my english, I'm argentine. Well, the author of this list is Bjorn o something else. The web is http://www.ldwforums.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php
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